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What Are Kevlar Gloves Used for? – Advantages of Kevlar Gloves

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what are kevlar gloves used for

If your tasks involve wearing protective work gloves, you might be familiar with Kevlar or Kevlar®. As a material, it is a high-strength synthetic fiber, also referred to as para-aramid. Its tensile strength is so impressive that bulletproof vests are made with multiple Kevlar strips and layers.

So, what are Kevlar gloves used for? With excellent resistance against heat, abrasion, and cuts, these gloves are necessary for tasks in metal stamping, construction, oil industry, woodwork, automotive, and more.

The Use of Kevlar Safety Gloves


Kevlar work gloves are among important personal protective equipment (PPE) used for handling hazardous objects and working in extreme conditions. Here’re some of their best features and uses:

1. Heat resistance

Kevlar fibers can withstand extreme temperatures reaching 850°F (454°C) without melting. Not only are they heat resistant, but Kevlar gloves with an added coating can also resist flame without catching on fire.

Furthermore, Kevlar can handle cold temperatures while maintaining its protective properties. They do not break down or become brittle due to prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures.

Therefore, Kevlar gauntlets are often utilized in cold and hot work operations, including automobiles welding, fire fighting, hot and cold metal stamping, fabrication, etc.

2. Cut and abrasion resistance

One of the best advantages of Kevlar gloves is their exceptional tensile strength that resists cuts and abrasion. With such features, these pairs are critical in handling sharp and pointy objects. This synthetic fabric is considerably stronger than steel when pressurized to be at equal weight.

There are different levels of resistance that a Kevlar cutting glove can offer, depending on your requirements for the task. You can check out the ANSI/SEA standards attached to the pair to see its protection rating, running from A1 to A9, of which A9 is the strongest.

With suitable Kevlar gloves as PPE, workers can safely perform tasks with cutting hazards such as metal and glass handling, food processing, woodworking, etc. Notably, people also use them as chainsaw gloves as they can prevent severe injuries from major cuts.

3. Chemical resistance

This super-strong plastic can protect users’ hands from various abrasive chemicals. Usually, Kevlar is used as the liners, along with other coatings, to make gloves that resist solvents, bleach, oils, fuels, pesticides, and even some acids and bases for a certain period.

Therefore, Kevlar gloves are common protective gear among automotive, oil industry, construction workers, and more.

4. Durable, lightweight, and flexible features

A robust and durable pair of gloves is not necessarily too bulky for gripping small objects or handling intricate tasks.

With all of their excellent protective features, Kevlar gloves can also come with palm coating to provide good dexterity for workers. Therefore, they are also used as tactical gloves and mechanics gloves that offer freedom of movement and sufficient protection.

Who Made the Best Kevlar Gloves?


Indeed, the exposure levels to heat, cuts, and chemicals are different among jobs. Therefore, when selecting Kevlar gloves for our tasks, it is critical to consider our working conditions before starting market research.

One easy way to find quality gloves is by checking out well-known brands that make the best Kevlar gloves for workers. Here’re some of the most popular names in the industry:

  • G&F Products – You can easily find gloves made of 100% Kevlar fiber that excel at resisting cuts in their collection.
  • HATCH – Workers can find some nice Hatch gloves Kevlar made of leather since the brand creates many stylish and durable pairs that resist abrasion and cuts.
  • Youngstown – The brand is popular for its affordable yet comfortable and quality work gloves. It is pretty easy to find a Youngstown glove with Kevlar lining and Terry cloth that resists cut while offering good breathability.
  • G-Tek KEV – If you want a pair of Kevlar gloves with strong cut resistance and good thermal protection, it is recommended to try qualifying G-Tek KEV gloves. They have some of the best pairs that win innovation awards for excellent designs.


Hopefully, once you know the answer to the question ‘What are Kevlar gloves used for?’, you should be able to decide if they can work for your current tasks.

Indeed, there are other factors that play into the final pick, including the level of protection, comfort, or breathability. Still, it is great to understand that Kevlar gloves can keep us safe from multiple hazards where standard fabrics cannot.

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