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What Are Metal Mesh Gloves Used for? Find All the Answers Here

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what are metal mesh gloves used for

Mesh gloves are designed to protect users from sharp edges of tools and working objects. In many cases, a quality pair is indispensable to keep our hands safe from unwanted incidents, which can lead to minor to severe infections.

Then, what are metal mesh gloves used for? Or who should use mesh gloves? Find out the detailed answers below and read more about the functions of this work gear.

What Do Workers Use Metal Mesh Gloves for?


Metal mesh gloves protect against cutting, sliding, and punctures. Furthermore, they shield workers against cross-contamination and bacteria exposure when the mesh glove is without fabric straps. Hence, these gloves should be a piece of important safety equipment for the following fields:

  • Textile cutting – For such duties, workers have to split the garment with precision, clean, and consistent cuts. Indeed, they use various methods, from straight knives to computerized cutting.
  • Due to the complication of the tasks, workers need optimal focus and protection. Therefore, wearing safety metal gloves for cutting is recommended.
  • Sheet metal work – A sheet metal worker is in charge of installing or fabricating thin metal sheet products. They have to lift, punch, form, roll, weld, and join metal sheets. Hence, gloves that prevent injury by an accidental cut of sharp and thin metal pieces are required in these tasks.
  • Food processing – One of the most popular uses of metal mesh gloves is for dealing with knives and slicer blades to process food. Duties in the kitchen or factory vary, from cutting, chopping food to holding fish with sharp fins, etc.

Therefore, workers need food-grade yet super durable work gloves. In that case, a stainless steel mesh glove is among the best choices. Needless to say, high-quality hand protection pieces that offer excellent dexterity and cut resistance should be mesh gloves for chefs.

What Is OHSA Regulation for Using Mesh Gloves?

The application of mesh work gloves is not compulsory in any industry. Therefore, it is not against the law when workers are not equipped with mesh glove for cutting to perform their tasks.

However, The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) states that workers dealing with sharp tools like knives should be provided with safety aprons, wrist & forearm protection pieces, and metal mesh work gloves.

Are Metal Mesh Gloves PPE?


With the cut and puncture-resistant function, metal gloves act as a piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers in textile cutting, metal sheets, and food processing.

Still, users should know that these gloves are engineered to minimize the risk of hurting their hands, but they are not cut or puncture proof, meaning we should still be careful when handling machines or engines with strong forces.

Thus, dealing with power-driven saws, blades, and other tools is still extremely dangerous, even with a pair of mesh gloves.

Also, workers should not wear these mesh gloves to operate moving machinery due to the risk of them getting caught in the engine.

How to Clean Metal Mesh Gloves?

Any work glove requires cleaning and maintenance to be in good condition; metal mesh ones are not an exception. Not to mention, these pairs need more attention and care since many workers wear them to handle food and even raw meat. Therefore, washing mesh gloves is a must.

To effectively eliminate dirt and bacteria in cut-resistant gloves made of metal mesh, we need hot water, a brush, soap, and non-acid disinfection. It is best to prepare soapy water at 50°C (122°F) when brushing your pair.

Then, the gloves should be dipped into water as hot as 82°C (179.6°F) to kill bacteria. Afterwards, we can disinfect the gloves using the acid-less solution. If you use your gloves to process food, make sure the disinfection meets the food-hygiene service’s safety requirements.

You might do this at home if you have time and available materials for a reliable washing process. But, once in a while, make sure to bring the gloves to a professional service for cleaning and disinfecting effectively.


Now, you know ‘what are metal mesh gloves used for?’ and other useful information about their uses and maintenance. We hope that our article can help you understand the importance of wearing suitable work gloves, not just metal mesh pairs when handling hazardous tasks.

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