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What is the Point of Fingerless Gloves? Maybe You Don’t Know These

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what is the point of fingerless gloves

It is fairly known that gloves without fingers are not the best choice for protection, be it winter or work gloves. That’s why many of us wonder, “What is the point of fingerless gloves?”

Well, if you do not have a pair and are curious about what these designs are for, here’s a short explanation. Fingerless gloves are convenient for typing on a computer keyboard and writing with your pen when you want to work efficiently and keep your hands warm. Also, cyclists and motorbike riders wear them on daily traveling and racing tours.

What is the Point of Fingerless Gloves?

1. Fingerless Gloves are for Typing and Gaming

Without sacrificing our finger movements, we get to keep our hands warm while working with our computer. For office workers, that is the purpose of fingerless gloves they wear in the winter cold.

Furthermore, high-quality fingerless gloves are an excellent companion to ease muscle tension, especially as we type frantically for our exciting games. The well-fitted and breathable fabric will surely make us feel more comfortable typing fast for long hours without feeling much fatigue.

2. Helpful Fingerless Gloves for Writing and Drawing


In case you draw with brushes and write with usual pens, it is better to wear fingerless gloves to keep warm and support your flexibility. As expected, the gloves allow us to move our fingers with the utmost freedom, proving to be helpful in case we do calligraphy. Also, fleece or knit fingerless gloves are the ideal choices for these tasks.

As graphic tablet artists, tight-fitted and thin gloves without fingers are what they need to do their work effectively. As we touch our hands on the tablet, the screen will react due to its touch-screen function.

To fix this issue, it’s best to wear the gloves that cover the ring finger and little finger, leaving three other fingers free to complete the artwork. So, for tablet artists or people who use touch-screen monitors, the fingerless gloves’ purpose is to provide them better control over intricate tasks.

3. Use Fingerless Gloves for Driving and Racing

You might be familiar with images of drivers putting on their cool leather gloves then jumping on a sleek motorcycle in movies. And yes, that’s not just for show, as these gloves keep them warm while heading into the winder winds.

The last thing a motorcycle rider or cyclist wants is losing control over their handlers. So, wearing fingerless gloves helps them enhance the tight grip while racing at a high speed. Furthermore, the support such a pair gives reduces hand fatigue significantly, offering a comfortable performance with minimal muscle pains at the end of the day.

4. Fingerless Gloves are Useful in Training and Exercising

Sport gloves that trainers and trainees in the gym use are often ones without fingers. Once again, these pairs prove their usefulness with their wrist support function. They are called exercise gloves, designed for fitness purposes.

Often, people wear it to lift weight and pull up to prevent severe blisters on hand after training. If you go to the gym and start lifting weight, make sure you are geared with a sweat-absorbent, well-padded, and breathable pair. With that, keeping fit will not come with unwanted injuries, big or small.

Recommended Gloves without Fingers


Now, we know why fingerless gloves are made and widely used by many people, as they are not just for showing styles. They actually help in various tasks, games, either we want to do work, create art safely and efficiently or enjoy playing computer games.

To give you a better idea of how these fingerless gloves work, here’re some well-made and popular pieces, perfect for versatile duties.

SIMARI Workout Gloves

As stated above, tough yet comfortable gloves are required for exercises at the gym. And this pair is a typical model that caters to such needs.

They are made of microfiber textiles, reinforced with a thick layer of a foam pad on key areas to protect our hands. Also, the brand uses Terry Cloth for its durable loops, making it convenient to wipe perspiration off with such a good absorbent fabric.

The design and color is appealing, too, ideal for any gender and sizing. So, that’s a functional pair of sport gloves without fingers that I love to use.

PARIGO Fingerless Gloves

This might be just the coolest pair I have laid my hands on. In detail, it comes with a flashlight attached to the back of the gloves. It is there to shine on working objects or roads in front of us.

Notably, the pair is constructed of elastic material and durable Velcro straps. Such a combination and its fingerless design make the gloves ideal for riding, walking in the dark, or repairing gadgets in a low-light garage.


Well, now many of us will stop wondering with frustration thinking about “What is the point of fingerless gloves?”. They are helpful in various situations, boasting flexibility in movements while supporting our hands in certain parts, due to the unique designs.

So, consider purchasing a good pair if you want to do the following tasks with freedom of movement:

  • Gaming and typing on the computer keyboard
  • Writing and drawing with brushes or on a tablet
  • Riding and racing on your bikes, motorcycle, etc
  • Training and exercising to keep fit

In truth, more types of activities require this type of gloves; just consider it one of your choices compared to other designs.

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