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What Temperature Should You Wear Gloves? Expert’s Advice

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what temperature should you wear gloves

The winter cold is different among regions. At the same temperature, some places can be more unforgiving than others due to the wind, snow, rain, and other factors. Furthermore, the level of endurance towards the cold differs among people.

Still, many might ask, what temperature should you wear gloves? Usually, a temperature below 40°F (around 4°C) should make many of us put on a pair, especially if our region has warm weather all year round.

When to Wear Winter Gloves?


Adults might have strong resistance to the cold, as they are more healthy and active. Therefore, many only feel the need to wear gloves when it is under 35°F (around 2°C).

However, children, toddlers, and older people do not have such a high level of cold tolerance. Therefore, it would be best to keep them warm when the temperature is as low as 40°F.

We should also know our extreme limit, as without gloves, we will be hurt by frostbite, which is around 14°F (or below -10°C). Long exposure to such temperatures, not to mention the snow and wind, can affect our blood circulation and weaken our grips.

Do You Need Gloves in 50 Degree Weather?


People living in warm regions might not feel comfortable when the temperature reaches below 50°F (10°C). Therefore, such a cold might not hurt their hands, but they will feel the need to be protected from it to handle tasks with better dexterity.

Furthermore, people with cold hands will be more vulnerable in winter. They also should put on a warm pair to retain heat and minimize the cold hand symptoms when the temperature is just around 40°F – 50°F.

When to Wear Gloves Running?

Running will make us feel warmer than when we are not active; therefore, it might be unnecessary to wear gloves when it’s around 50°F.

The temperature to wear gloves running depends on personal preferences, but it is recommended when the weather is as cold as 40°F, especially when there is cold wind.

Wearing gloves while running in the winter cold is one thing; we should also wear proper clothing and accessories, including waterproof shoes, thick socks, and layers of thin yet warm clothes.

What Kind of Gloves to Wear for Winter?


It is recommended to wear gloves on a winter day when we go outside. In such cases, a warm leather or wool pair should suffice.

However, many of us have to work or drive in zero temperature conditions; finding an insulated pair for this purpose should require more research and consideration.

You have the option of wearing 35 below zero gloves liners, which are made to maintain the body heat in the extreme cold. Such pairs are often comfortable, warm, and super thin.

Such thermal gloves for sub zero temps can be worn before you put on another pair with protective features to work and drive.


So, the answer to the question ‘what temperature should you wear gloves?’ is more about personal preference than a written rule. However, we should not expose our hands and skin to the cold weather for too long without protection since it can hurt our health.

In general, people start wearing gloves when the temperature is around 40°F – 50°F. Also, make sure you take good care of children and older adults vulnerable to extreme weather.

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