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What Type of Gloves Protects Your Hands from Heat and Flames?

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what-type-of-gloves protects your hands from heat and flames

Work in different environments requires us to be geared with suitable protective equipment to prevent us from getting severely hurt. In welding, cooking, and other heat-related duties, suitable gloves are an essential partner that shields against direct exposure to flames, heat, or chemicals.

So, many people might ask, “What type of gloves protects your hands from heat and flames?”. And the answer to that question is gloves qualified for heat resistance. Material-wise, depending on your budget, options vary, including Carbon fiber, Aramid fiber, Terry knit, aluminum, Kevlar, premium leather, etc.

What Type of Gloves Protects Your Hands from Heat and Flames


The first thing to remember is, not all gloves that resist heat can protect your hands from flames. So, make sure you know what you are after to choose the right pair.

Heat and flame protective gloves are designed with enhanced patterns on their palms, ensuring minimal heat reaching our skin, either in close or direct contact. Thus, visual-wise, you can notice the small dots, stripes, or other small patterns embossed on those pairs.

Of course, we can not rely only on visuals to notice heat-resistance gloves, as it is better if we check for the EN407 certification. This regulation shows the qualification of personal protective equipment (PPE) to shields against thermal risks.

Of course, it will indicate different levels of protection, such as the temperature range, resistance against convective heat or radiant heat, shielding against molten metal or splashes. Please, read the specifications to make sure the gloves are suitable for your current requirements.

Types of Material for Gloves that Protect your Hands from Heat and Flames


We notice many premium gloves that do an excellent job of keeping our hands intact. But when it comes to heat and flame resistance, the glove palm is the most crucial part. And oftentimes, they are constructed out of Carbon fiber, Aramid fiber, Terry knit, Kevlar, high-quality leather, and more.

  • Carbon fiber and Aramid fiber: Both these materials contribute to high heat resistance, and the latter proves to be a bit tougher. Yet, both can handle a wide range of heat and burning flames, reaching over 1400°F.
  • Terry knit gloves can handle cuts and heat well, as they shield our hands from burning objects with a radiant heat of 600°F. The great thing about these pairs is their optimal comfort and softness.
  • Kevlar pairs are familiar among workers that handle their difficult tasks with their hands. They are popular for offering excellent dexterity and flexibility for movements. Regarding heat-resistant power, it can withstand a range of temperatures 500 – 600°F. Also, with the right liners, it can resist combusting and melting.
  • Premium leather, including cowhide, goatskin, grain leather, and more, are widely used to construct heat and flame-resistant gloves. These gloves will degrade at around 430°F, sufficient for cooking, welding, and more tasks involving heat.


According to personal protective equipment assessment answers, finding the gloves against flames and heat is finding a heat-resistant pair. Yet, it is not that simple, as we need to know more details about the suitable gear that works the best for our situations.

Hopefully, we already offered you the necessary info on “What type of gloves protects your hands from heat and flames”. So, if you need a pair, the selection process can be less confusing.

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