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When Should Utility Gloves Be Worn? Get the Facts Here!

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when should utility gloves be worn

Different work conditions require specific types of hand protection. And one should know about the use of work gloves and their tasks to select the right one for safety measures. Utility gloves are actually a mandatory piece of personal protective equipment for Dental Healthcare Personnel (DHCP).

So, when should utility gloves be worn, then? The safety gloves are indeed helpful in dealing with sharp instruments and tools, offering a wide range of use for wearers.

What Are Utility Gloves Used for?

The federal government requires DHCP to wear utility gloves as a protective barrier when handling instruments. It is stated in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regulations that utility gloves for sterilization should keep workers safe from contaminated devices.

Utility gloves are often made of nitrile with a cotton liner. They are excellent at resisting high temperatures and do not melt even when dipped in hot oil.

Utility gloves dental definition indicate thick pairs that are reusable for sterilizing, disinfecting, and cleaning medical equipment and treatment rooms. Utility gloves are used in a dental procedure as they are heavy-duty work gloves that resist punctures and chemicals.

But many dental workers find utility gloves a bit bulky

Even though these gloves are helpful in protecting workers’ hands and skin when washing, moving, and packing instruments and hazardous chemicals, some do not like to wear them.

Workers deem these gloves a bit too bulky to handle delicate instruments or hold small tools. They do not want the thick pairs to reduce their dexterity and work pace. However, to follow the federal regulation, workers should find a pair of utility gloves that fit their hands well, thus supporting them to handle tasks easier.

Can We Wash Utility Gloves?

As stated above, utility gloves are reusable. So, they can be washed for use multiple times. We can sterilize them using the autoclave to kill pathogens that the gloves are exposed to when handling instruments. We should clean them inside out, dry, and air them to avoid build-up odor.


Now that you went through our article, the answer to ‘When should utility gloves be worn?’ is obvious. They are regulated for Dental Healthcare Personnel’s use, as they protect workers in cleaning, handling, and organizing instruments, treatment rooms, and more. The heavy-duty gloves can handle cuts, high temperatures, and chemicals well.

Therefore, even though they might be slightly bulky, workers need to put the pair on and carry on performing duties safely.

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