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Which Activity Requires a New Pair of Gloves Between Steps?

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which activity requires a new pair of gloves

When dealing with certain types of jobs, we need our personal protective equipment (PPE) clean. This is mostly due to the safety purpose, for both ourselves and related subjects.

To give you an idea about which activity requires a new pair of gloves, we need to know which work needs clean gloves all the time. The answer will be in food and medical services.

Which Activity Requires a New Pair of Gloves

1. Use a New Pair of Gloves When Cooking and Serving Food


When you cook different dishes simultaneously or are in different stages of cooking, you should change to a new glove. For instance, after preparing raw meat or fish, you proceed to make your bread, then you need a pair for each task.

Also, when you start baking your cake or grilling your meat, heat-resistant gloves are required. And these safety mitts are different from the disposable pair intended for food preparation.

This goes the same for serving food in a restaurant, as you cannot use the same pair to handle food in the kitchen, serve multiple dishes, and then clean the kitchen. So, it is necessary for the food handlers to change gloves when working in different parts of the kitchen and restaurant.

2. Use a New Pair of Gloves When Handling Medical Services


If we continue wearing the same gloves, it poses a huge risk to the patients when we examine them. Appropriate glove use in health care requires medical workers to change gloves when taking care of different patients.

This is to minimize the danger of body fluids and blood of individuals in contact with others. It is strictly required that the transmission of infectious agents are reduced as much as possible.

The Type of Gloves Used in These Activities

In these situations, we often use disposable gloves to handle tasks. It is advisable for the food prep process to use power-free latex pairs designed for single tasks. Also, some people rely on powder-free vinyl pieces, which are clean and safe enough for touching food. Just make sure you go for gloves with no latex.

Medical disposable gloves can be transparent, white, or blue. We can use nitrile powder and latex-free gloves for medical services. Also, clear vinyl medical products are widely used.


Now we know which activity requires a new pair of gloves, we should follow the guideline of the duties and ensure safety for ourselves and others. It is best that we carefully select the best disposable gloves that suit our work. By changing the gloves often, we reduce the huge risk of unwanted contaminants transmission.

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