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Why Are Lightweight Disposable Gloves Provided in the Teaching Labs?

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why are lightweight disposable gloves provided in the teaching labs

Teaching labs are where students perform and witness hands-on experiments based on the taught theories. At the labs, they are familiarized with the concepts of their courses in a practical way.

Indeed, there are many cautious steps to take and information to remember before stepping inside such a place. But first, let’s clear up a simple question. Why are lightweight disposable gloves provided in the teaching labs, many might ask. Read on to know.

Why Use Disposable Gloves in Teaching Labs?


Among the safety procedures for using a teaching laboratory, pieces of personal safety equipment are compulsory for students, lab instructors, and teachers. For different experiments, we must wear safety glasses, face shields, long coats, gloves, etc.

Disposable gloves are prepared for the following reasons:

  • Avoid direct contact with laboratory equipment – Students wear thin black disposable gloves when handling any objects belonging to the lab. It is to ensure that all pieces of equipment and tools are free from dirt, oil, and sweat from anyone handling them.
  • And since thick protective gloves might reduce hand dexterity in handling small objects, lightweight, disposable ones are preferred in this situation.
  • Protect against chemicals – Another use of single-use rubber gloves in the laboratory is to avoid the harmful effects of mild chemicals. Even though these pairs are not the best at blocking extremely corrosive and dangerous substances, they can handle certain hazards.
  • Therefore, most of the time, we will see students and teachers donning a thin and lightweight pair of microflex gloves when experimenting in teaching labs.
  • Make usage quick and convenient – As we already know, there are far better gloves for protection when it comes to chemicals. Still, disposable gloves are chosen due to their convenient use.

For other tasks, workers can reuse handwear by washing them with a proper method. However, it is time-consuming to care for and maintain a huge amount of gloves every time a class leaves a teaching lab.

Therefore, it is quicker to give everyone a disposable and lightweight pair and discard it right after finishing the experiments.

What to Know When Using Disposable Gloves in Teaching Labs?

It is important that we follow all laboratory regulations before entering, while working inside, and right before leaving it. So make sure you:

  • Read the regulations for safety measures before stepping inside the lab and using any equipment.
  • Always put on and discard gloves in the right place.
  • Wear gloves when handling any dangerous materials. And be careful when doing so.
  • Change the gloves immediately when they are contaminated by materials or substances in the laboratory.
  • Remove the gloves when using phones, doorknobs, and other items not involved in the experiments.


I can imagine the nervousness and excitement of students when classes in the teaching lab are announced. But, before study sessions, we should be well-prepared with all vital safety information.

Hopefully, you already have a satisfying answer to the question, ‘Why are lightweight disposable gloves provided in the teaching labs?’. Good luck with your course! And feel free to share this article with your peers.

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