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Why Do Cowboys Prefer Cowhide Gloves? – Answered

Fact checked by A. Thompson

why do cowboys prefer cowhide gloves

Any tasks that require frequent handwork should require decent protection gear, which is a pair of work gloves. In most cases, leather pairs are always somewhere at the top due to their protective properties and many other features to deliver comfort and convenience.

For cowboys, gloves made of cowhide seem to be their go-to pieces for daily wear. So, why do cowboys prefer cowhide gloves? The reasons are pretty simple and rather obvious: their price, comfort, and durability.

Which Gloves Do Cowboys Prefer

Cowboys love wearing cowhide gloves, and they are some of the most common leather pairs in the market. Other than its availability, this material also works wonders for a cowboy’s needs. So what’s about this product that gives it irresistible appeal?

  • Abrasion resistance – It is a heavy-duty material, in fact one of the heaviest leather materials that shield against abrasion. Cowhide is durable and long-lasting, making it an ideal pick for long-term and frequent use.
  • Therefore, black cowboy gloves made of cowhide should be excellent for building, repairing fences, handling cattle drives, etc.
  • Warmth – Cowhide gloves are warm, which explains why cowhide rugs are perfect for keeping our feet from the winter cold.
  • As cowboys put on their cowhide gloves, the unforgiving wind and temperatures are not that intolerable. In fact, this material can offer more warmth than many goatskin and pigskin pairs
  • Water and dirt resistance – Besides being heat-resistant, the material can also repel dirt and water well.
  • A cowboy’s tasks involve much work with mud and water, so that’s another compelling property of cowhide that keeps it at the top list of work gloves for cowboys.
  • Affordable price – Last but not least, a pair of cowhide gloves is available at a reasonable price, not to mention it can last for quite a long time despite the abuse.
  • However, cowhide gloves have their drawbacks. For instance, the piece might not be as soft as the high-end leather. It might require a longer break-in time. But that does not outweigh all its excellent properties that perfectly serve a cowboy’s work.


Why do cowboys prefer cowhide gloves? I hope you have a satisfying answer already. In short, the cowhide material is water, dirt, heat, and abrasion-resistant. Furthermore, it is common and budget-friendly while lasting for a long time despite frequent and heavy use by a cowboy.

What else can be a better choice for cattlemen? Nothing, in my opinion. If you have fun reading the article or find the information helpful, do not hesitate to share it. Thank you!

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