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How Should Leather Gloves Fit Around Our Hands?

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how should leather gloves fit

How should leather gloves fit? This question is among the important ones we should ask before picking the ideal leather pair.

Investing in stylish, functional, and protective leather gloves can cause us more than usual, especially ones with great features. Thus, we cannot afford to bring home something that does not embrace and protect our hands well.

So, your leather gloves should fit nicely around your fingers without being too tight. You should make a fist with the gloves on; if you are comfortable with it, the gloves fit well.

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How Should They Fit Around Our Hands?


If your leather gloves are for work, the concern about a perfect fit is critical. So, pay attention to these signs to know if it meets your requirements:

  • The glove fingers: They must wrap around your fingers, especially the thumbs, well without a too-big gap. Leather work gloves will be a tad thick, so you can check the finger fit by pinching the glove tip to see if the extra fabric is too big or not.
  • The glove palm and back: You can check if the palm and back gloves are comfortable enough by making a fist and trying to grab small things. If you do not feel restricted while folding and stretching your hands, then the gloves fit nicely.
  • Your hand dexterity: Either you wear gloves for work or keeping warmth, it is essential that you feel your hand movements when gripping or holding things. Ensure that the pair does not make it hard to control your phones or tools.

Do Leather Gloves Stretch out?

Yes, frequent wear will stretch leather gloves. As we wear the pair for a while, it will naturally stretch the tight leather gloves to fit our hands better. This happens due to the frequent movements of our fingers with our body temperature.

Of course, it will not stretch to the point of form distortion, but there will be slight changes that you can quite notice.

How to Pick Well-fitted Leather Gloves?


When shopping for your pair, make sure to measure hand for gloves and consider the unique attributes of your hands. If you do not know how to measure glove size for your hands, here’re the steps to follow:

  • Identify your dominant hand to start measuring.
  • Use the tape measure to find out the width of your hands, excluding your thumb. Make sure you write the number down.
  • Match the number with the leather glove chart of your selected brand.

Pro tips:

  • If your figure is in between sizes on a chart, it is better to round up to the bigger size.
  • If you seek leather gloves for short fingers or gloves for long fingers, you can measure the length of your hands. Use the same measure tape and find out the length from your middle fingertip to your wrist. Write the number down and ask for advice from the brand service. Or you can use that number to match with the size chart to pick your well-fitted pair.

Here’s a video to show you how to measure your hands with a tape measure or a string and a ruler. Enjoy watching:

How Do You Know If Leather Gloves Are too Small?

If tight leather gloves hinder your movements, as you cannot make a fist with utter ease, it is likely that the pair is too small. Also, when there is so little space between your fingertips or nails that it seems painful due to punctuation, then it’s too small.

What to Do to Keep Leather Gloves Fit Well for Long?

  • Be careful when putting on and taking off the gloves. Please do not use too much force when tugging the pair off, as you might damage the glove streams. This rule applies to the leather gloves we wear for keeping warmth, riding motorbikes, and more.
  • Clean the gloves the right way. We do not want our gloves to be stretched badly as we machine-wash the pair. It’s better to use a scrub, some mild detergent, warm water, and soft cloth to eliminate the dirt and dust stuck on our gloves. If you want a detailed guide for cleaning leather gloves, check out ours.
  • Keep the leather gloves from excessive heat. When we hurry, it’s so tempting to use the hairdryer to dry the freshly washed pairs. However, such heat can harm the glove textiles and seams, making it lose form sooner than expected. Also, for the same reason, do not hang your washed leather pairs under direct sunlight.
  • Store your gloves when not in use. The trick for maintaining your pair’s good fit is laying it flat in your cabinet or glove box. After your gloves dry naturally at room temperature, make sure you put the pair away, not leaving it hanging like that for too long.


Now, you have the answer to “How should leather gloves fit?” Hopefully, the information makes it easier for you to decide on your perfect pair. Besides, we should always take good care of the gloves, following the brand’s instructions to maintain such a comfortable fit for a long time.

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