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Keeping Customers: Do You Have Regular Clients Who Are Ready To Churn?

Keeping customers is just as important in construction as it is for any other business. The problem is that your customers are very often one-off -- you do a job for them and they never need any more work. That is a problem because out-of-touch former customers are...

Protected Home Improvements Your Clients Will Say Yes To

43% of Private Homes and Condos in the U.S. at high or very high risk from natural disasters   Recovery costs $4 for each $1 of damage   Protected Home Improvements Minimize Damage and Hasten Recovery Construction Informer thanks Cummins for sponsoring this protected...

Define Your Best Construction Customer, And Sell To the Right Ones

Here’s how to define your best construction customer so your marketing is spot on and your project outcomes meet your goals.

5 Compact Circular Saws to Start Your Year Out Right

Check out these 5 compact circular saws along with their specs and reviews by people who’ve bought them.

Doing Construction Lead Programs the Right Way

Get off on the right foot with construction lead programs by knowing the pros and cons.

The Design Behind Constructing Smart Roads

You might not have given it much thought but constructing smart roads is going to require road builders who have entirely new sets of skills on their staffs. Here are two examples of how tech is currently getting incorporated into and along roadways.

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