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Easy Steps on How to Dry Wet Leather Gloves the Right Way?

Fact checked by A. Thompson

how to dry wet leather gloves

Leather gloves are basically our go-to pair for winter or work duties, thanks to their superb durability, functions, and styles. Yet, rain, sweat, and other moisture can be a pain that makes us feel uncomfortable and damage our gloves at the same time. And you must wonder if there is a solution for this.

Of course, we can take good care of the pair by knowing how to dry wet leather gloves the right way. The only warning is, please do not let it near external heat sources that might damage its textures.

Detailed Guide on How to Dry Wet Leather Gloves


So, now we have a wet pair of gloves in hand, which might result from the sudden rain when we ride to work. Whatever the reason is, we cannot leave the soaking wet leather gloves for too long. When we are in a hurry, we just want to dry it quickly. If that’s the case, you can start this tutorial from step 4.

Suppose you have time, which we recommend you do in your free time to properly get rid of dirt and smell that stuck moisture in your gloves might have. Then, be ready with these items:

  • Mild soap for washing (preferably type that is recommended for leather material)
  • A soft sponge
  • A dry piece of microfiber or absorbent cloth
  • Leather conditioner

And, here’s what we need to do to clean and dry the gloves:

Step 1: For the soap to work well on leather gloves, we can dissolve it into water. Make sure you make the solution soapy enough to form bubbles. Also, you can warm it up a little for it to deliver a good cleaning result.

Step 2: Use a soft sponge to soak the warm solution and dap on the leather gloves. Make sure you cover the whole surface of the pair with soapy water.

Step 3: Take a soft dry cloth and dap again, preferably an absent one, to remove the excess water on the gloves. You should be careful in the process to avoid saturating your precious pair.

Step 4: Hang the gloves on after you clean off soapy water on the surface. Make sure you do not stretch the pair or let it be exposed to excessive sun heat.

Step 5: During the drying period, you can put your hands in the gloves several times. This is for the pair to not shrink and deform after washing. As leather gloves are easy to lose their form if we are not careful, this stretching step should not be skipped.

Step 6: Putting a leather conditioner on the pair is the last thing to do after the gloves are no longer wet. It might just be an additional step since you can wear the gloves right after cleaning and drying them naturally. But, I highly recommend you find a suitable leather conditioner to care for leather gloves for long-lasting use.

Some Tips and Warnings When Cleaning and Drying Leather Gloves


  • No bleach: This is the first and foremost rule everyone with a pair of leather gloves, boots, or any items made of this material should know. Bleaching damages the texture beyond repair, and it ruins the beautiful colors of leather pieces. So, once again, please do not bleach the leather gloves.
  • No external heat: The second rule to take care of your leather gloves is to keep them as far from excessive heat as possible. It can be direct exposure to the glaring sun, dryer, or radiator. Please remember not to put leather gloves in the dryer just because you do not have time to wait for it to dry naturally.
  • No machine-washing: No, we do not want to submerge our precious leather gloves in detergent and water. And we do not wish to leave the pair there for the rigorous cycle of the washing machine to stretch it. So, please do not machine-wash your leather gloves, especially when the manufacturer warns you against doing that.
  • Yes to leather conditioner: A good way to preserve your gloves to ensure their good condition is by buying a good leather conditioner. Cream or liquid form is fine, as long as it is not toxic or flammable. Furthermore, leather conditioners can prevent moisture and repel rain.


The last thing we want is to care for our gloves then end up having them damaged. So, in every step of cleaning and drying your gloves, make sure you follow the right instructions. Furthermore, when using any product for the pair, do not forget to read the details, as it might not work well on leather material.

Now, you already know the steps on how to dry wet leather gloves. We hope you utilize the guide to benefit your task, and leave us comments if you have any verdict or story to tell. Good luck!

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