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What Color Are Santa’s Gloves? – Facts About Santa’s Gloves

Fact checked by A. Thompson

what color are santa's gloves

Christmas is coming, and you have to perfect your Santa suit and practice his manners. But the whole costume of Saint Nicholas indeed has many details to match.

So you put on a red and white suit, then don your same color hat. Now, what about the gloves? What color are Santa’s gloves? I’m glad that you asked. Well, a pair of white Santa Claus gloves will be a good choice.

What Color Gloves Does Santa Wear?

You might not know that Santa’s signature red and white costume originated from Thomas Nast’s cartoon drawings for Harper’s Weekly, a New York’s Journal from 1857 to 1916. Before the popular work of the cartoonist, Saint Nicholas used to dress in a tan suit.

There can be differences in costume details, depending on the varying cultures in different countries and regions. However, professional Santa gloves in the UK and the US are white.

Furthermore, Santa dresses in white fur and a red jacket, a suit warm enough since he is supposed to live in the coldest part of the world.

White, the color of snow, appears not just as Santa’s gloves color. It is also on the rim of his large hat and pants. Even though there is no hard rule on his boot colors, you might often encounter Santa wearing a pair of brown or black boots.

Does Santa Wear Green Gloves?


This is where it gets confusing. You might notice different animation or drawings, even photos of people dressing in green Santa costumes.

Well, the British Father Christmas used to wear a green suit, not the red and white we know today. Back in the 17th century, even Father Christmas’s beard was not white.

That is to say, culture has experienced changes over time, and through mass media, the world now has a rather similar idea of how a Santa should look like.

So, if your kid asks “What color are Santa’s mittens?”, you can tell them those are soft and white gloves, warm enough so he can ride his reindeers flying from the North and visit them on Christmas Eve.

Did Coca-cola Create the Red and White Santa?


Here’s another misunderstanding you should clear up: Coke definitely was not the creator of the iconic Santa costume we know today.

White and red are often associated with Coca-Cola and its festive brand image. The company once promoted its drink with a red and white Santa, which is the work of Haddon Sundblom.

Even though Coca-Cola did not create the original depiction of today’s Santa, the brand definitely contributed to the jolly and festive image of Saint Nicholas. It plays a big role in introducing a warm and fun Santa into households.


So, now you know “What color are Santa’s gloves”, the whole story about his pair of mittens and other things about his costume. Hopefully, you’ll be able to dress up as a warm, jolly, and generous Santa to give kids precious gifts and tell them great things about traditions.

Have a nice holiday!

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