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How to Measure Glove Size Correctly in Easy Steps?

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how to measure glove size

Among the criteria we need to consider when choosing a suitable pair of work gloves, the correct sizing is essential. Yet, many of us are second-guessing our hand measurement rather than putting the effort to know the right size.

So, in this guide, we will show you how to measure glove size in easy steps, allowing you to know the exact hand measures to purchase well-fitted pairs. With the help of a cloth measuring tape, here’re what we are going to do:

  • Measure around the hands (to find the widest part)
  • Measure the finger length
  • Roundup and convert to see the correct glove size

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Measure Glove Size


Step 1: Measure around the hands.

Take the measuring tape and wrap it around your hand to measure its width. Make sure you wrap the part of your hand from the lower areas of the index finger to the little finger (exclude thumb). That means the tape should stretch around your palm and your back.

This step’s main purpose is to measure the fullest area to get the measurement of the widest part of your hand. It determines how large you need the glove to not restrict your hand movements, especially holding small objects.

When measuring this figure, use your dominant hand to complete the task. If you are right handed, use the right hand to measure your left one, and vice versa if you are left handed.

Step 2: Measure the finger length.

We do not have to measure all fingers to get the measurement of your hand length; just the middle finger is enough. So, put the tape measure on the tip of your middle finger, releasing it down to the end of your hand.

Make sure you stop it once the tape measure reaches your wrist and you have the correct sizing. Please remember that the wrist part is another measurement, necessary only when you want gloves with well-fitted cuffs.

Step 3: Roundup and convert to know your glove size

Now, we have all the hand measures in inches, including our hand width excluding the thumb and the hand length from the tip of the middle finger to our wrist.

It’s time to match those measured numbers to the sizing chart and find your glove size. For instance, if your hand width is 5.5 inches and the hand length is 6.75 inches. Then, you should round up the later figure to 7 inches to be your glove size.

Glove size chart in men’s sizes
Glove size In inches In centimeters
Extra small (SX) 6.5” – 7.5” 18 cm
Small (S) 7.5” – 8.5” 20 cm
Medium (M) 8.5” – 9.5” 23 cm
Large (L) 9.5” – 10.5” 25 cm
Extra large (XL) 10.5” – 11.5” 28 cm
Extra extra large (XXL) 11.5” – 12.5” 30 cm
Glove size chart in women’s sizes
Glove size In inches In centimeters
Extra small (XS) 6.” – 6.5” 15.25 cm
Small (S) 6.5” – 7” 16.5 cm
Medium (M) 7” – 7.5” 17.75 cm
Large (L) 7.5” – 8” 19 cm
Extra large (XL) 8” – 8.5” 20.25 cm

Why is a Measuring Glove Sizes Necessary


A suitable quality pair of gloves for our hands must be bought in the right size for protection purposes. When handling our tasks at the worksite, gloves that are a tad too big make it easy for slipping incidents to occur. Also, it can get very challenging to grab on small objects to operate an intricate project. And that is a compromise in terms of efficiency.

Meanwhile, a too-tight pair of gloves makes our hands suffocated and irritated. Long-hour performing in hot weather with such pieces as a company can be unbearable, no matter how breathable the glove material. I once had a leather pair that was slightly too tight, and for days, I felt extreme hand fatigue during and after work.

The Average Hand Size and Glove Size

For your information, each of our hands has a total of 27 bones, with muscles and tendons. They support the hand and fingers to move in coordination with each other, helping us with everyday life and work. Depending on our genders, type of work, and age, the average size can differ.

For men, the average length of their hands is around 7.6 inches, and it’s 6.8 inches for women. Regarding the hand width, men’s hand is 3.5 inches, and women’s hand is 3.1 inches. This is the figure for adults, which can be a good reference to buy work gloves for your friends and families. Still, the best thing is measuring the exact figures.

Im terms of sizing choices, size for men’s wear is unisex medium large, and size for women is unisex small medium. This is another point to note down when you want to buy gloves that are marked one fits all. Such type of products often produced according to the unisex sizing.

Does Our Glove Sizing Change When Choosing Different Glove Materials

You can find various work gloves of different materials in the market, offering multiple protection, breathability, flexibility, and more features for your work field. The materials can either be natural or synthetic textiles or a combination of both. Luckily, the glove sizing chart is still accurate when applying for different work glove types, but the elasticity of the fabrics might make a difference in the long term.

Can We Use the Shoe Size for Glove Size

There is a correlation between these two figures, and we might be able to rely on one to figure out another. But that’s not the exact measures to go to, so you can do that if you are in a hurry and know only either your shoe or glove size. Other than that, please make an effort to determine glove size before purchasing ones.


Please know that correct hand measures determine the proper glove sizing for our hands. And since it is essential that we wear well-fitted gloves for our work efficiency, hand comfort, and safety, please make sure you are thorough in measuring.

If you have any confusion about how to measure glove size for your hands, feel free to contact us. We will try to offer you as much help as possible to pick the best quality products for your health and work.

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