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How to Tighten Your Glasses Screws without Professional Help?

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how to tighten glasses screws

In recent years, we have witnessed a rapid increase in the number of glasses because of our demand in a variety of life aspects. However, glasses can be a bother when they drop because of looseness. Of course, not everyone can spare time to have their glasses repaired at the store.

So, in this article, I will provide you with a holistic solution. By knowing how to tighten glasses screws at home, you can tauten it with household items and also without. Therefore, I will separate this article into two parts, which makes it as workable as possible for you to apply in real life.

Preparation and Equipment


First, the glass screws are supposed to connect the eyewear frame that holds the lenses with the arms. When these screws loosen, your glasses are not in an adequate shape and will thereby fall off.

So, our mission is to fix these joint parts. To do this, you will need a set of glasses tightening tools, which includes:

  • 1 x Screwdriver: Choose one with a tiny-flat head or a Phillips-tip.
  • 1 x Soft pouch to clean and store spectacles.
  • Extra screws in case your glasses’ screws are out of order.

If you are not into complicated tools, you can also tighten glasses screws without a screwdriver. Consider the following home-made tools:

  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x paper clip

Although there are two different ways to tighten your glasses’ screws, I recommend the former one because:

  • Given the variety of glasses that are available in the market, simple equipment cannot deal with every type of glasses’ screws.
  • A professional glasses tightening kit may contain multiple items, such as

Screwdrivers of various sizes, additional screws, magnifier, and other accessories.

These glasses tightening kits include everything you may need to solve the problem at home with no hassle. You can look for them in reliable brands, such as Universal Souvenir, Snapit Store, General Tools, and so on.

How to Tighten Glasses Screws: 2 Easiest Methods

Tightening Glasses Screws with a Kit

Step 1: Put your glasses on top of a sheet of white paper or a flat bright surface so that you can fix it easily. Also, in case the screws drop, the contrast of colors will help you find them.

Step 2: Locate the position of the screws on your glasses

Step 3: Align your glasses’ arms precisely:

  • If the screws are loose, but are not falling out, adjustments will be easy.
  • If they have fallen out, put the arms in the right angle with the lenses, and then carefully insert the screws into the holes.

Top Tip: Check if the temple arms are twisted or crooked. After a long time of being used, temple arms tend to be crooked. So, you need to write down whichever side crooks down the opposite temple arm at the hinge and sits higher before inserting the screws into the holes.

Step 4: Place the screwdriver on top of the loose screws. Then, tighten by rotating the screwdriver’s tiny head clockwise.

Extra Tip: Be careful and gentle in this step because the frame of the glasses and the lenses are vulnerable. You do not want to scratch them, do you?

Step 5: Continue to tighten until you feel the screws are all inset. But excessive exertion will harm its fragile frame, as I have said in the previous step.

Extra Tip: If your glasses’ screws won’t tighten, you need to replace them with another screw.

Tightening Glasses Screws without Screwdrivers


Again, not everyone has a full kit containing professional tools to tighten their glasses. That is why this method is available for you to consider.

Step 1: Prepare a replacement

If you do not have a screwdriver, what should you do? Give up? No, never. Here are some other tools in your house that serves as a perfect replacement for a screwdriver:

  • A USB Cable
  • A paperclip

Step 2: Put it on a white and flat surface. Then, locate the position of the glasses’ screws like the previous method.

Step 3: Align your glasses arms precisely with all the tips above.

Step 4: Tighten the glasses’ screws:

  • With a USB Cable: We can make use of the head of the USB, where it links to other technological gadgets. Given its colossal size, we need more focus and finesse to turn the screw.
  • With a paperclip: Another tool that can save our lives is a small but tough paperclip. You can pull at one end of the paperclip out. Then, flatten out the tip.

Top Tip: Make use of a large tool, such as a hammer or a pair of pincers.

  • After all, this piece can replace the screwdriver in helping us fix the glass screws in place.

Step 5: Wear your glasses and check whether the screws are tightened enough.


So, there are two different ways to tighten your glasses’ screws: With a screwdriver and without. As a myopic person who often encounters problems with glasses, I find this tutorial helpful to fix the loose screws effortlessly at home.

Therefore, hopefully, this article would also be of benefit to you and anyone else having troubles with tightening glasses’ screws.

Do you find this guide on how to tighten glasses screws helpfully and informative? Or do you have questions for me? Please let me know in the comments and share this article if you find it suitable for you to tighten your glasses screws.

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