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How to Wash Wool Gloves? – Super Easy to Follow Steps

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how to wash wool gloves

There are numerous reasons that make wool gloves the ultimate partner for people to withstand the winter snow, rain, and wind. The fabric is incredibly warm and breathable, acting as an insulator that keeps the cold and moisture at bay.

Depending on different textiles, wool gloves require good maintenance to avoid sagging, tearing, or losing its protective attributes. Knowing the difficulty, we present here some methods on how to wash wool gloves for you to easily take care of your precious pair. Read on!

How to Clean Merino Wool Gloves


Merino wool is a popular fabric used to create winter gloves. It is a natural fiber collected by manufacturers from Merino sheep.

For your information, the material’s best characteristics must be its softness, anti-static properties, and moisture-transporting. Notably, merino wool is an excellent choice to maintain the body warm in winter with such incredible insulation.

Yet, the material is pricier than other types of wool due to its low micron. Hence, we need to take care of the gloves better to not waste our investment in the fine pair.

1. Machine-wash

The good news is that you can machine-wash Merino wool garments, including gloves. Just make sure you set the gentle cycle and avoid hot water to prevent fabric shrinkage.

Also, you should use detergent or mild soap to wash the gloves along with other clothes. Please do not use fabric softener and bleach. Otherwise, you risk running their moisture-wicking and insulating properties.

2. Hand-wash

If you are not so busy and decide to hand-wash to pieces to avoid hot water or the washing cycle damaging wool textiles, just make sure you pick a mild detergent or soap.

You can start with soaking both gloves in warm or cold water (not hot). Then, wait for 5 minutes for the gloves to absorb the soapy water. Afterward, rinse the pair again with water to remove all the detergent.

Please do not squeeze or wring the gloves too hard; just apply a little force to get the water out of them. You can use a soft absorbent towel to dry the gloves. Then, spread the pair on the towel to dry naturally at room temperature. More importantly, do not tumble-dry the piece.

How to Wash Winter Gloves Made of Acrylic Wool

Acrylic wool is soft, warm, and lightweight. You might not know this, but the fabric is synthetic fibers made with no wool in it. So, a pair of acrylic wool gloves will be much more affordable than Merino ones.

You can hand-wash Acrylic wool with mild detergent, too. And the method is similar to washing Merino wools; as long as you do not use hot water, you are fine.

To machine-wash the pair, you should put it into a cloth bag to prevent the washing cycle from sagging the glove textiles. Besides, please set the delicate and gentle cycle with a short spin. You can dry the piece with an absorbent towel, too.

How to Wash Cashmere Wool Gloves


Cashmere wool yarn is the fiber collected from pashmina goats, cashmere goats, and more. This fabric is among the high-end materials used to make winter gloves, as it is soft to touch, lightweight, and very fine. Remarkably, its insulation attributes are much more impressive than sheep wool.

1. Remove stains from the gloves

You can address fresh stains with some drops of carbonated/sparkling water (or pain soda water). Use a clean cloth to apply the soda and let it sit for a bit. You can use a bit of mild soap or baby shampoo to clean the stains further.

2. Hand-wash the cashmere gloves

  • You can start by turning the gloves inside out to wash the cashmere liners thoroughly. Then, use the prepared cloth to dap soapy water on it and scrub the liners gently.
  • Afterward, soak the cloth with clean water and remove the lather on the gloves.
  • You can use a large piece of absorbent cloth and lay the washed gloves on it. Then, leave the pair there to remove the water and let the warm temperature naturally dry it.

3. Machine-wash

It’s recommended to put your cashmere gloves and other clothes made of cashmere inside a small bag for some protection.

Also, like other wool gloves, this product cannot handle extreme heat or a fast washing cycle. So, we should go with cool or warm water while letting the gentle cycle clean the pair for us.

And, do not forget that we do not tumble-dry our wool gloves; we must flat dry them and avoid excessive heat sources like the dyers or direct sun rays.

How to wash Angora, Australian, and Blended Wool Gloves

Angora wool is taken from Angora rabbits as they have thick and soft coats. This type of wool is regarded as a luxurious fabric, promoting excellent softness and comfort. These gloves excel at maintaining our body temperatures and wicking moistures.

Meanwhile, Australian wool is also of good quality, as the majority of the textiles are obtained from sheep. These work gloves can also be a fashion statement due to their stylish designs. Of course, we can rely on them for warmth in the winter wind.

Regarding a resilient fabric, blended wool is high on the list. It maintains a good shape for a long time, ensuring a good glove fit without sagging and shrinking. Also, the blend of other fabrics and wool makes the final product warm, durable, and soft enough for users.

When washing these gloves, you can follow these tips:

  • Choose a gentle cycle for machine-washing
  • Say no to hot water to avoid damaging the fabric
  • Do not use bleach or any kind of fabric softener
  • Keep them away from direct heat sources
  • Stick to flat dry to maintain the glove’s good condition and shape
  • Choose a mild detergent or soap for washing
  • Avoid twisting or wringing the gloves, just squeeze them gently

Can I Machine Wash Gloves Made of 100% Wool?

Yes, you can. Please know that the gentle cycle with warm water is the ideal setting for machine-washing any wool products.


I hope our guide on how to wash wool gloves helps you figure out the best way to remove dirt on your pair. Make sure you follow all the suggestions we make that work for various types of wool gloves.

Now, enjoy the task and take care of the precious pair so they can keep you warm and comfortable through this unforgiving winter.

We will be happy if our article can help you and your friends. So, do not hesitate to share it with others. Thank you for reading!

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