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How to Remove Sweat Stains from Glasses Frames in Simple Steps?

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how to remove sweat stains from glasses frames

The sweat strokes on our specs, especially the arm parts, can negatively affect the eyewear functions and beautiful look. That’s why everyone with a pair of prescription or sunglasses wants to know how to remove sweat stains from glasses frames.

In truth, we can do so in simple steps, with a magic eraser that shows excellent use in removing stains on different surfaces. Here’re the tutorial and some suggestions:

What Should We Prepare


Before getting into the details, you should know that excessive sweat/salt deposits on glasses can really damage your pair’s function, not just its look. In detail, the sweat stains can reflect the sunbeams, thus creating glare that distorts and hinders your vision. So, cleaning the specs frequently means ensuring optimal clarity for ourselves.

Without further ado, let’s see what should we gather for this task:

Magic eraser – The magic eraser is actually a cleaning pad with dura foam. It is an all-purpose cleaner that gets rids of tough dirt. We should try using this product for walls, bathtub, door cleaning, as it works on numerous surfaces.

The good news is that eyeglasses frame is not an exception to this magic eraser’s cleaning power, so it does not matter which material your pair is made of. For peace of mind, please know that quality magic erasers do not contain harsh chemicals.

Lotion dish soap – I am pretty sure we have lotion dish soap in every household. But if yours runs out, either find a new bottle immediately or use any mild soap around the house. Just make sure that there are no harmful chemicals that might damage the eyewear frame.

Towelette (microfiber) – Everyone who often wears glasses should pack at least a piece of microfiber cleaner in their bag. It is a gentle and convenient cleaning cloth that does not harm the eyewear lenses and frames. If you do not have one, try to find a soft and small piece of clothing to lend into small spaces of the frames.

How to Remove Sweat Stains from Glasses Frames


Step 1: Wash your glasses.

This simple stage is required every time you want to clean parts of your pairs. Wash your hands first, then rinse the whole piece under lukewarm water for some minutes. If you are careful, you can put the water inside a bowl and soak the glasses in there.

Step 2: Clean with lotion dish soap.

After the dust is eliminated with water, it is time we apply the mild soap gently on the whole pair. Use your fingers to lather the agent and spread it all over the glasses. Afterward, rinse it one more time under the warm water and dry the piece with the microfiber towelette.

Step 3: Use the magic eraser.

Those steps above do not guarantee the removal of sweat stains, so we will continue with the magic eraser. You can pinch a small piece out of the whole foam, enough to clean the glass arms. Then, gently rubbing it along the temples, diligently eliminate all the salt/sweat strokes.

What Should We Avoid

We should not consider strong methods like scraping or sanding. They can easily damage the glasses, no matter which materials.

Nail polish remover with too much strength also gets a no. Unfortunately, this will only worsen the situation, as they spread the salt deposit strokes all over the glass arms.

Some of us want to use rubbing alcohol to clean off the stubborn specks of dirt due to its potent formula. However, it is advisable that we avoid this agent, as its high concentration of acid will scratch the glasses and even make the pair lose its shine and colors.

Also, tissues and paper towels are bad for eyewear lenses and frames. As recommended above, just go for a soft microfiber cleaning cloth. The former ones are too coarse, thus leaving noticeable scratches after a few vigorous rubbing.


We are at the end of the short and straightforward guide on how to remove sweat stains from glasses frames. So, we can conclude that eliminating such ugly white salt strokes does not require much effort and time. But, the tricky thing is to remember to clean your pair often to avoid severe damages beyond repair.

So, make sure to prepare a magic eraser, a bottle of mild soap, and some microfiber cloth. That way, you can wash the pair whenever you want to.

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