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The Best Cut Resistant Gloves for Kitchen and Cutting Jobs

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best cut resistant gloves

When you are working with sharp objects and other hazardous jobs, it is essential to wear protective tools to avoid getting cuts and injuries.

Apart from PPE (personal protective equipment), you should also secure your hands with gloves suited for tasks, like kitchen works, carpentry, and construction. The value of the tool will depend on the risky jobs you deal with every day. Then, the best cut resistant gloves are reviewed below with the following features to look for:

  • Material: If you are to buy new working gloves, you must choose the right blend of materials for your needs. A few of the perfect choices to include are Kevlar, steel fibers, and Dyneema—each fits for specific applications.
  • Cut-Resistance Level: Regardless of being tough in overall design, a cut-resistant glove has a range of safety levels. Gloves with the highest range can guarantee more cutting jobs. For example, level five cut-resistant gloves are commonly used for their better performance.
  • Comfort: Wearing gloves for a long period can be uncomfortable. Thus, finding cut-proof gloves with the right fitting is important to promote relief and ensure against slip-offs. To put on gloves properly, you may need the assistance of another.

These features can help when choosing cut-resistant glove options, but there is more to know. So, below is a list of different cutting gloves together with a “Buying Guide” for your reference.


<strong>Featured Products</strong>

Best Overall

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

– Machine-washable
– Level 5 cut-resistant gloves
– Delivers a very flexible performance


Editor’s Pick

DEX FIT Cut Resistant Gloves

– Stylish and comfortable to wear
– Cut-resistant & waterproof
– Can be used for food processing


Premium Choice

Dowellife Cut Resistant Gloves

– Highly versatile gloves
– HDPE material for level 5 cut-resistance
– Ended 10x stronger than other gloves


Top 10 Cut Resistant Gloves Reviews

1. NoCry ‎NCCRG-Grey-M Food-Grade Cut Resistant Gloves

Finding the best cut-proof gloves for woodworking and kitchen jobs is made easier with NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves. It delivers high performance and proves to users it is 100% food safe.

The main reason why I recommend the item is because it saves fingers and nails from sharp blades with the help of EN388 level 5 cut protection. Such high safety range can be the result of the leather and different cut-resistant materials, such as spandex, polyester, polyethylene, nylon, and fiber. I think that the said materials will not sacrifice comfort but are flexible and soft on the skin.

With these gloves, you can open oysters without hurting your hands or touch a blade and not be severely injured. Plus, the gear has added a dex fit level that supports firmer grip and better comfort when completing a task.

These work gloves are very versatile and have a perfect fitting for small to larger hand sizes. You may check the size chart to get the one that fits. Medium gloves are best recommended for cooking according to Reddit. I also want to highlight the machine-wash feature of these gloves, as it demands the use of mild detergent and air-drying.

All in all, it is a great product for handling heavy-duty cutting tasks.

One disadvantage of this product, though, is that it can prevent serious damages but is not fully cut-proof.
  • 100% food-grade for kitchen and woodworking application
  • Features a level 5 cut resistant gloves
  • Made of leather with a blend of other tough materials
  • Delivers a very flexible performance for comfort
  • Machine-washable
  • The cut-resistant feature is not that durable
Essentially, I think that these cutting gloves can give you peace of mind when carving woods and preparing food recipes.

2. DEX FIT ‎CRU 553 Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves

If you are looking for a pair of gloves that promise better control, then consider the DEX FIT CRU 553 Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves. They make use of world-class coating technology to highlight anti-slip functions for a safer application.

I like that these gloves are made with seamless knit to provide a higher level of resistance against wear and tear. They are also kevlar work gloves with spandex, Dyneema, and premium yarn materials, all of which promote greater protection. On top of that, you can use them for a wider range of uses, from handling sharp tools to food processing.

Through these waterproof cut-resistant gloves, all-day comfort is ensured. Plus, they won’t slip even when worn underwater. Users can touch phone screens with these gloves on as well! They are suitable for hassle-free travel and are stylish with an elastic knit wrist cuff.

These gloves give a second-skin and cool feeling due to their added foam nitrile and lightweight design, lessening hand fatigue. I will also mention that this item is silicone-free for safe packaging uses.

The only disadvantage of these gloves is that they are not suitable for heavy-duty cutting jobs and may crack or peel after a couple of uses. Nonetheless, this product works great for most basic tasks.
  • Features world-class coating technology for anti-slipping design
  • Made of various premium materials and have level 5 cut-resistance
  • Can be used for food processing and other edgy works
  • Not only cut-resistant but also waterproof
  • Stylish and comfortable to wear
  • Easy to crack when used for heavy-duty tasks
Hence, I would recommend these cut-proof gloves for everyday cutting jobs. They will come into handy, and you will be able to complete tasks effortlessly.

3. Dowellife Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves

To never bleed while working in the kitchen is the ultimate goal of many households. These Dowellife CTX Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves can assist you when handling a sharp knife or any other cooking tool.

I am impressed by how these gloves allow me to use edged blades without being wounded. Some buyers have tested its cut-resistant gloves levels and attest that it did not fail to do its job. This product is supported by reliable materials, such as fiber, spandex, and polyethylene.

It is one of the cut-resistant gloves for chefs that are 10x tougher than the traditional kitchen gloves. You can peel, slice, and cut different meal recipes using these gloves, and they are flexible for better dexterity and comfort. The added nylon material helps to enhance the fitting of the gloves on your hands as well.

High-quality performance is possible with its HDPE material to keep you away from danger during kitchen work. Such input improves the safety measures of the hand gear on a level of 5 while being mindful of the comfort of your wrists.

The outcome is you can work faster whether in the kitchen or the yard and even on woodworking projects. It can be used in a lot of cutting jobs to prevent hand injury.

Knowing that this pair of hand gear is a bit expensive and might rip off after a few uses is the only drawback.
  • Went through several tests to affirm resistance from cuts
  • Blends fiber, spandex, and polyethylene materials that ended 10x stronger than other gloves
  • Adds HDPE material for level 5 cut-resistance
  • Highly versatile gloves
  • Can easily tear off
From my standpoint, these gloves will last longer with gentle application and washing after every task is done.

4. Stark Safe MD-GLOV-BLUE Cut Resistant Gloves

Among safety gloves for cutting in the market, is the Stark Safe MD-GLOV Cut Resistant Gloves. It can be used for many home tasks, including dining works, and even metal works that rely on superior hand protection. It is also a good option for cut-resistant gloves for woodworking with its sturdy design.

One reason why you should buy this pair of gloves is because of its responsive customer service. Once problems are detected on the product when it arrives, it is easy to contact the company for a replacement. This, I think, reduces most buyers’ worries about making a purchase online.

Shredding cheese can be nasty and may even hurt your fingers through the grater, but with these cut gloves for kitchen you will get extra protection from risking your hands. The material used is four times more durable than other leathers with level 5 cut protection. It also has a superior grip that fits on small and big hands to eliminate discomfort in getting the job done.

Its premium material has to do with the overall comfort of your hands, especially for longer tasks. I speak highly of its breathable feature that keeps hands from sweating.

Sizing helps to ensure meeting your comfort in wearing the gloves. There are small to extra-large glove sizes to choose from as well.

However, there is a safety issue concerning the design according to a few users. It might slip out of hands and may result in cuts and injuries, but this happens very rarely.
  • Designed as multi-functional gloves
  • Immediate responses
  • Made of extra-durable leather with level 5 cut resistance
  • Provides an easy and superior grip
  • The overall design does not perfectly fit
That being said, getting the right size is possible by measuring your palm’s length and width in inches. You can still grip items safely and address the single flaw by preventing too loose-fitting!

5. G & F 77100M1Pair Protective Gloves Scrapes

Using these protective gloves for cutting by G & F is a great way to deal with sharp objects without sacrificing your comfort and wellbeing. It has a silicone palm design for added protection against heat and possible injuries.

These are perfect cut-resistant gloves for cooking that won’t leave your hands with marks. I also like that this item is a good defense when using a mandolin slicer and other cutting tools for wood carving. The quality fiber material is what I credit for these gloves’ ability to ward off danger from cuts.

With this hand gear, you will be able to face a wide range of hazardous jobs with extra precaution. Its high-end style is also FDA certified to meet all of your needs better than normal gloves. The tool’s superior grip is a plus to perform unlimited tasks at ease.

Similar to the other safety gloves for cutting, it has level 5 cut-resistance as protection from knife-edged tools. It is user-friendly with different cut-resistant materials and is available in three sizes for medium to extra-large hands. All of the sizes consider your comfort even with longer uses.

The gloves can cover your hands at all angles and, as a result, there will be a full sense of security from scrapes.

One downside of this product, though, is that it is reusable but not dishwasher safe. This limits using gloves when dealing with overly saturated foods.
  • Made with fiber and silicone palm design for cut and heat resistance
  • Has a food-grade style
  • Delivers a superior grip for unlimited uses
  • Emphasizes a level 5 full protection against scratches and cuts
  • Supplies a wider range of glove sizes
  • Not dishwasher safe
Overall, I find pleasure in these gloves in terms of the given level of protection that satisfies extreme cutting jobs.

6. Glove Station Ultra Durable Series Cut Resistant Gloves

Durability is the best feature you can find in any safety gloves for cutting, and it is something that Glove Station Ultra Durable Series Cut Resistant Gloves can offer. It boasts the highest amount of protection with a combination of fiber and knitted glass fabric.

I enjoy the snug-fitting sizes of these gloves that allocate superior comfort in both hands. It is made with lightweight and elastic materials to help your hands move in different directions without feeling numb. As I look back on the available sizes of these gloves, they are well-suited for all age’s comfort.

This series of cutting gloves is ideal for cooking, carpentry, and industrial projects that require cutting. It seems reasonable for kitchen uses because of its food-grade composition, giving households confidence in usage.

When compared to leather hand mitts, these gloves are 4x sturdier and are rated with level 5 cut-proof protection. You can grasp objects more excellently than with bare hands thanks to these gloves’ higher dexterity. The cut-resistant gloves being form-fitting enhances safety against sharp blades that may slip from your hands anytime.

Its maker has been very honest in disclosing that these gloves are not fully stab-proof, which might not be suitable for some types of cutting works. Moreover, the fact that these gloves contain a little amount of benzidine, a harmful cancer-causing dye for humans, can be very alarming. It is a.
  • Made of premium materials
  • Enhances flexibility for better hand movements
  • Offers form-fitting for all ages
  • Level 5 cut-resistance rate
  • Applicable for multiple cutting projects
  • The stab-resistant feature is not that good
  • Can impart potential health risk due to benzidine
Despite that, I think that these gloves are still a good choice to contribute to your cutting works as you can pick the right size for your specific needs.

7. MaxiFlex ‎B00YQNCF9G Ultimate Cut Resistant Gloves

Obtaining a microplane cut-resistant glove that fits well for any working conditions is crucial, and MaxiFlex Ultimate can be your option. It is best with a dexterity that comforts both fingers and hands during heavy jobs.

It has so many features that cannot be found in other hand gears, which I think will benefit a lot of users. To mention one is the overall design of the gloves that are made of premium nitrile coating technology to fight against scratches and to last longer. It incorporates a micro-foam palm for a comfier grip and does not easily slip.

Making use of these level 3 cut-resistant gloves will ease intensive cutting jobs. Its enhanced breathability also adds up comfort in completing a task, together with the reinforced thumb crotch. The result will be a continuous airflow at every side of the gloves.

Another matchless feature of these best cut-proof gloves is the green knitted shell that makes them look stylish. They also advance a higher level of durability when in contact with razor-sharp objects.

These are sometimes referred to as metal gloves for cutting because of their industrial uses, like digging of metallic elements. They are tight-fitting to ensure that users will not lose their grip during an operation.

However, a small drawback is that the fingertips can be prone to having holes when the gloves wear out. This can potentially impact their overall fitting.
  • Fits for heavy-duty and industrial cutting jobs
  • Uses nitrile coating and micro-foam technology, with a green knitted shell
  • Offers a level 3 cut-resistant protection
  • Permits airflow for the hands’ comfort
  • Has tight-fitment
  • May develop holes on the fingertips
Therefore, I think proper usage of these gloves is necessary to extend their lifespan and enjoy the ultimate comfort while doing residential or commercial works.

8. VGO Latex Rubber Work Gloves

The design of the gloves can affect your buying decision. VGO Latex Rubber Work Gloves are utility hand gear with a unisex style, made for gardeners and professional landscapers.

It has a rubber coating, unlike the other best cut-proof gloves on this list, that improves the durability and flexibility of the unit. I like that it is lightweight and does not cause overheating but promotes a firm grip for all users. The coating design adds up comfort, as well as work safety with its high level of cut-resistance.

Thanks to these multi-purpose gloves, you can move objects at home and perform industrial tasks with ease. Each pack contains 10 pairs of work gloves that have second-skin fitment to support you in every job. It fits adults that require wearing gloves more often and is a cost-effective option.

These rubber work gloves have been combined with other breathable materials, such as seamless polyester and hypro fiber, aiding dexterity. The wrist part is made elastic and snug-fitting to free hand motions for small or big wrists. It is slip-resistant and promises a stronger grip as well.

Even though it is made of soft material, these gloves will let you grab a thorny object without feeling hurt. It is similar to metal gloves for cutting for that reason.

The only problem is that some of the items fail to protect hands as they should, perhaps a quality control issue.
  • The design is ideal for both men and women
  • Set up with rubber coating, with polyester and hypro fiber
  • Prevents discomfort with its lightweight and snug-fit design
  • Uses soft and elastic materials yet is capable of metalworking
  • Has quality control issue
On the other hand, I find these working gloves all-inclusive in terms of the benefits each pair can offer to your hand.

9. MAFORES Steel New-M Level 9 Cut Resistant Gloves

This MAFORES item is a level 9 cut-resistant glove, the highest cut-resistance rating so far! It can withstand any cutting level with its 16x robustness compared to most cut-proof gloves in the market.

What I like the most about this product is that it has passed the ISEA A9 cutting test, which gives users peace of mind when holding knives and other edged tools. These metal gloves for cutting are equipped with steel wire that will last for several uses and is backed with HPPE, polyester, and durable yarn. I think that these main components have made this unit better than ordinary level 5 cut-proof gloves.

It also falls under the category of cut gloves for kitchen wherein having in hand food items will be safer and more convenient. Other cutting jobs, such as gardening, construction, and mechanic works may take advantage of these multipurpose gloves. They won’t get damaged even when used for heavier tasks thanks to their added anti-cutting ropes.

The way of washing the gloves is unlike any other gloves. But, it is not too complicated. Water and soap or a dishwasher, either way, will work for these hand mitts. One drawback is the terrible sizing that makes users add up two sizes.
  • Has passed the highest cutting test resulting in level 9 cut-resistance
  • Employs steel wire, polyester, HPPE, and yarn materials
  • Works for kitchen and other metallic jobs
  • Provides anti-cutting ropes for heavy-duty jobs
  • More extended way of washing, with regular soap and dishwasher
  • A bit slender that sizing up is necessary
Nevertheless, I like that these gloves are doubtless in regards to meeting a higher need for safety and making your cutting skills accurate.

10. Youngstown Glove Company ‎05-3080-70-L Work Gloves

If you have not yet found the best kevlar work gloves for your need, Youngstown Glove Company has these heavy-duty work gloves made of 100% kevlar fiber. They can cope with general utility work with their powerful features.

I commend the manufacturer for adding velcro closure to keep the gloves secure on your hands. Plus, it is adjustable for better fitment. The gloves are also supported by other factors, such as a non-slipping palm for a long-lasting grip and a terry thumb to get rid of water and debris. These parts are a great way to enhance its kevlar technology and satisfy users even more.

More technical cutting jobs are profited by these work gloves, including construction, landscaping, and other meticulous tasks. The Kevlar lines bring full hand protection and have a superior design that is proven and tested.

It safeguards the workers against injuries through a level 4 cut-proof protection. The hand mitts can also resist flame, vibrations, and impact for rugged applications with the help of the internal knuckle located on the top. Users won’t feel uneasy even when wearing the gloves for long periods.

Sanitizing the gloves is essential after every use to eliminate dirt and harmful elements. It is a machine-wash and air-dry type of work glove.

The only thing that disappointed me is that these gloves lack thorn-resistant features. Gardening is less enjoyable because you can get pierced by thorns from time to time.
  • Uses 100% of kevlar fiber with velcro closure
  • Guarantees non-slipping materials on palm and thumb
  • Delivers 360-degree hand protection
  • Has level 4 cut-proof protection
  • Features internal knuckle for extended comfort
  • Thorn-resistance is not that strong
But despite that, I look with favor on these gloves as you can sense extra cushion to cover up your hands when working on strenuous jobs.

SARCCH 3-Pairs Safety Kitchen Cutting Gloves (Outdated)

If you need another pair of chef gloves for cutting, give the SARCHH Safety Kitchen Cutting Gloves a try. The package is inclusive of six cut-resistant gloves to support frequent changes whenever needed.

Each pair delivers an equal level of protection for your hands with good dexterity to bring more flexible control in every task. I also like that these kitchen cut gloves work well with mandolin and sharp carving tools to satisfy a wide range of users. Being multifunctional is what makes these hand gears unique.

Putting on a pair of these gloves can reassure a level 5 defense against hand injuries. It is made with elastic materials so as not to put too much pressure on your hands. However, it is still strong enough to stop sharp tools from hurting you. Even carbon-steel knives cannot easily penetrate these metal gloves for cutting.

It is lightweight with an anti-slip design for the gloves to stay in place while you are working on something edgy. Its glove-fitting size is the result of a nylon material that sustains the hand gear’s flexibility.

This is an upgraded version that adds an easy-to-wash feature, either by hand or machine. However, do note that it has a microfiber technology that won’t permit drying through the dryer.

What slightly discourages me from buying this is that some users claim the safety gloves only give minor protection.

  • Inclusive of three pairs of cutting gloves
  • A multifunctional hand gear for kitchen and outdoor cutting jobs
  • Offers elasticity with level 5 protection level
  • Lightweight metal gloves that can block carbon-steel knives
  • Glove-fitting sizes are available to prevent slipping
  • Hand and machine-washable
  • Microfiber technology limits drying the gloves with convenience
  • Issues on its protection capacity
Even with all of that, however, I would choose these kitchen gloves for cutting due to their cost-effectiveness and other amazing features to make cutting jobs safer.

Fortem CRG Food-Grade Cut Resistant Gloves (Outdated)

Kitchen cut gloves can keep most chefs from stabbing their fingers while chopping meal ingredients, and Fortem Food-Grade Cut Resistant Gloves are a perfect choice. It features quality materials made for your hand’s safety.

What I like is that this item has a superior design with a combination of nylon and 13-gauge knitted HPPE. These materials are backed up with level 5 protection to perform a wide range of cutting tasks. There are pull-on closures as added security, making sure that the gloves do not slip when worn. This ensures my confidence in wearing the gloves as well.

It is also multi-functional that you can use these gloves for wood carving and construction jobs, allowing you to complete those tasks quicker and safer. The overall style is breathable and snug-fitting to benefit your hands with greater comfort until you finish the work. As such, you will also be more precise in holding edged tools.

It has a rubber coating that will not leave your hands sweating but cool and dry. Such additional design assists workers in grabbing tools firmly and staying away from cuts.

The best result is guaranteed with these cut-resistant kitchen gloves through their perfect fitting. You can just throw them into the washer right after use.

However, I do not like that these gloves lack steel materials making the unit less tough and inferior to other cut-resistant gloves.
  • Combines nylon and 13-gauge knitted HPPE to protect fingers
  • Equipped with level 5 hand protection
  • Adds a pull-on closure with a snug-fitting and rubber-coating design for better control
  • Highly versatile and easy to wash
  • Lacks steel materials to improve the cut-resistant feature
Regardless, these cut-resistant gloves for the kitchen are what you need to make your food preparation and other edgy jobs less risky.

What to Look for When Buying Cut Resistant Gloves?


The above best cut resistant gloves review should have given you an idea about the different hand mitts available for particular uses. But below, we have compiled a few other factors that you should look for when buying said gloves.

Without a doubt, the best cut-proof gloves come in different sizes and materials, however, other factors that you should know are:

  • Durability: Cut-resistant gloves have no single level of durability but are made to protect your hands from knives, blades, and other sharp tools. A durable option can be quite expensive because of the high-end materials used, unlike cheap products that can be of low quality. Selecting cut-proof gloves on the basis of materials can guarantee durability for your needs.
  • Size: Getting the right size of working gloves will deliver the best possible results. It eliminates fatigue and discomfort while completing any task. Make sure the gloves fit every corner of your hands. Snug-fitment is often picked over tight gloves for higher comfort.
  • Styles of Cutting Gloves: Since cut-resistance gloves are multifunctional, each pair is used for various works. For example, kevlar work gloves are more fit for heavy-duty applications, providing full hand protection, while steel fibers are better for other industrial uses. Consider the blend of materials in picking out gloves.

When Should You Wear Cut-Resistant Gloves?


There is no particular day to wear cut-resistant gloves but it will depend on your working environment. First, you must evaluate which type of glove is appropriate. Be mindful in choosing the right gloves.

Do injuries often take place while you are working, for instance in cooking? If the answer is yes, then it is necessary to put on your cut-proof gloves.

What are the Different Levels of Cut-Resistant Gloves?

Cut-resistant gloves have a wide range of protection levels depending on their kinds. Owning gloves with a higher level of resistance and are proper for your job will greatly impact your productivity.

The hand mitts have gone through many cutting tests to determine their level of safety. You can choose between gloves with cut-resistance levels that range from level 1 to level 9.

As the level increases, so does the amount of protection a pair of gloves can provide. Most cut-resistant gloves are on the fifth level, which is applicable to food processing. Higher levels might be capable of commercial and heavy-duty work.

What is the Most Cut-Resistant Material?

A broad range of materials are used to produce cut-resistant gloves, thus buyers can pick the one that best suits their needs. The top three include Kevlar, Dyneema, and metal mesh. Such materials are designed for heavy-duty applications with added traits for safety hazards. Other good options are polyester, spandex, nylon, fabric, etc.


Buying the best cut resistant gloves will save your hands from cuts and injuries when doing dangerous tasks. It can help you complete edgy jobs a lot quicker and safer than working with bare hands. So, understanding the type of material and other essential factors concerning the hand gear is vital to make an informed decision.

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