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How to Clean Suede Gloves with 3 Incredible Methods?

Fact checked by A. Thompson

how to clean suede gloves

Winter sets in, so we bring out our soft and warm suede gloves for outdoor ventures and duties. But the snow or light rain can leave them wet at the end of the day. Or handling tasks might leave stubborn dirt on your suede work gloves. And the thing about these pairs is, they absorb stains and emit a bad odor after several wears.

I think we agree that once the gloves stink, it is hard to get rid of the odor afterward. So, here’re the quick steps on how to clean suede gloves. What you need for the task is either a suede eraser or vinegar. Simple, isn’t it?

How to Clean Suede Gloves with a Suede Eraser


Our first method is using a suede eraser to get rid of the stubborn marks on the gloves. What we need to prepare includes:

  • A suede brush/a clean bath towel: We have two options here, whichever one is more convenient for you to use. A suede brush is ideal for maintaining shoes and coats made of suede leather. It can remove dirt with ease and help to fluff the suede pile. If you do not have one, then using a clean bath towel is OK.
  • A suede eraser/a pencil eraser: This piece of suede cleaner is necessary for anyone with a pair of suede gloves, shoes, or coat. It is formulated to remove scuffs and visible stains on the material without damaging its texture. If you have no suede eraser, bring out your pencil eraser instead.

Please note that this cleaning suede gloves method is ideal when your gloves are not that dirty and there are only some minor stains here and there.

Step 1: Stir the glove’s nap up

We can use the bath towel or the suede brush, whichever one you have in hand, for this step. It is a preparation that works the nap of the suede surface up.

Just stroke the brush up the glove surface, from its wrist to the palm and up to the fingertip. Turn your glove around and do the same for the other side.

Step 2: Clean the gloves with a suede eraser

Now, pick up the suede eraser and start scrubbing gently on your gloves. Make sure you rub back and forth with medium pressure for the whole gloves and put a bit more pressure on stains.

Washing the Suede Gloves’ Watermarks

The above guide is for lifting off stains and dirt; now, we will deal with watermarks left on gloves after work. Please gather these items before cleaning:

  • Some paper towels: These items are soft yet abrasive enough to scrub the stains off your wet suede sheepskin gloves.
  • A suede brush/ a paper towel.

Step 1: Rinse the work glove

You can put the gloves under the faucet with warm water running. Make sure you let the water run all over the pair for it to be soaked entirely. Only an even application will ensure the effective elimination of water stains afterward.

Step 2: Press the paper towel on the glove

This step is for blotting up the water on the suede surface. We can do that by gently pressing the paper towel on all the gloves. Please do not use too much force as it will make the dirt absorbed further into the fabric.

Step 3: Dry the glove

After finishing bottling the gloves, you can leave the glove dry naturally. Just hang them on, away from direct sunlight.

Step 4: Stir the glove’s nap up

This final step is using a suede brush or a paper towel to work the nap of the suede gloves up.

Eliminating Harsh Stains with Vinegar


When using the suede eraser cannot get rid of the glove stains entirely; it’s time we rely on vinegar. Let’s put on the table the following items:

  • A cotton cloth
  • White vinegar/ rubbing alcohol: Please avoid using apple cider vinegar as the agent might stain the fabric.

Step 1: Soak the cotton cloth into vinegar

You can pour the white vinegar into a small cup or bowl. Then, soak the cloth into the agent, do not just dab it.

Step 2: Apply the vinegar on the dirt marks

For the stubborn stains to absorb the cleaning agent thoroughly, you should press the soaked cotton cloth on them. Leave it for a few seconds with some mild pressure. There’s no need to push too hard.

Step 3: Rub the cotton cloth on the dirt marks

As most of the stains stuck after using the suede cleaner are hard to remove, we need to do more than just pressing vinegar into them. So, try to rub the cloth on their surfaces and against the glove grain. This is for working the suede up for the agent to penetrate that stuck dirt.

Step 4: Dry the gloves

Now, leave the gloves hanging somewhere clean and ventilated to let them dry gradually.

Some Notes for You to Wash Suede Work Gloves the Right Way

  • No bleaching: Please do not let your gloves touch any bleaching agents. If you use potent solutions with abrasion, it will penetrate and damage the suede textiles.
  • No external heat: Excessive heat from the drying machine or direct sunlight might make the drying process quicker. But, it can ruin your gloves altogether by shrinking the fabric or deforming the piece. Even suede fire gloves cannot handle the direct exposure to such heat after washing.
  • Read the glove tags: Before caring for the gloves, you must know what we should or should not do with the pair. Those tags will give you detail for the best method of cleaning your gloves, so just follow them.


I had a nice pair of Ugg suede gloves, but after some wear without cleaning (since I’m super forgetful), the pair smelled funny. I managed to get rid of the odor with some effort, but it’s not the brand new good gloves I bought, which is a pity.

So, make sure you act fast after knowing how to clean suede gloves. Maintaining gloves is as important as choosing a good pair for your work and daily use. So, good luck!

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