Solve Your Electrician Shortage as a Distinguished Contractor

The electrician shortage is real, and here to stay. Electrical contractors who put in the extra effort to distinguish themselves from the crowd, make their businesses more attractive places to work. Here are some tips to make it happen.

By Andrew Pempek

Many industries were transformed by the Great Recession. Some collapsed, and others emerged crippled or running on fumes. Then, there were those that saw their ranks depleted while being left with the profession itself still totally intact. Electrical contractors are one such group that’s unable to operate at capacity due to the electrician shortage. According to Manpower, a global employment consultancy firm, more than one-third of managers globally were unable to fill positions with qualified workers. Within that group, skilled workers (like electricians) topped the list.

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Promising May 2016 Construction Products Announcements

It’s time for the May 2016 construction products announcements, and there’s something here for everyone. Rugged phones with new mobile tech, construction management opportunities, resources for construction students, wireless sound system solution that could become a new product line for many contractors, heavy equipment telematics, invisibility glass, much simpler solar energy installations, drone products, ruggedization for your Surface tablet, and a new alliance that makes it easier to go from digital to print, are all lined up here for your review.

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Is Drone Aerial Photography Really Best for Your Construction Projects?

Drone aerial photography for construction is rapidly evolving in both the technology available as well in the rules governing their use. Find out about the regulations, safety, quality issues, costs, and a measured way to consider what’s best in aerial photography for you.

By Sherry and Brett Eklund

It’s no secret that aerial photographs play an essential role in any construction project. They help with the planning process, assist builders in documenting the progress of a project, provide an opportunity to spot potential issues that would otherwise be missed, capture great marketing images, and more.

It used to be the only way to get sky-view pictures for construction purposes was to hire an aerial photography team with a  piloted aircraft.  However, a new player has entered the scene – the drone. And whether you choose to hire a professional aerial photography team using a fixed-wing airplane, helicopter, or drone, or choose to go the DIY route, all have a place in the world of construction. But, using drones is complicated and ever evolving, so we’d like to touch on a few key points to help you understand drone aerial photography.

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7 Tactics for Solving Your Skilled Worker Shortage

Construction’s skilled worker shortage has a long history, and is forecast to continue. But, there are ways to use social media to improve your chances of finding new recruits.

By David Secunda

It’s no secret that the construction industry is facing a skilled worker shortage. The recent recession saw many construction workers leaving the industry, and now with the retirement of the baby boomers, finding quality, skilled workers is an up-hill battle for many human resources professionals in our industry.

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