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An Ancient Material Finds a Place in the New World Trade Center

Many people probably don’t know the One World Trade Center shares a characteristic with Roman Empire roads, railroads, and 18th century masonry work in Europe.  That characteristic goes by the unassuming name of “slag.” Slag, the leftovers from...
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Sustainability of Steel in Development and Construction

The steel industry continues making inroads in advancing sustainable construction and because of its high strength-to-weight ratio steel is being used on more and more projects. Today there are even steel buildings with low to zero carbon ratings. It’s...
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Experts Detail Performance Aspects of HDPE Pipe

Engineers outline the advantages of plastic pipe for municipal and infrastructure projects.

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Cost-Saving Freight Shipping Strategies for Construction Firms

By Alexandra Crews and Freight shipping is an essential function of the construction industry. For professionals, the process of procuring materials and equipment can easily cut into your bottom line. Regular shipments include anything...
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Uncovering Even More Information About Construction’s Waste Stream

Last week I did a podcast with Cesar Abeid over at Construction Industry Podcast about construction waste. I’ve written about this before, right here, but in this podcast we also talked about the global front and about how some places with civil unrest...
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A Deeper Look at Restaurant Construction

Rob Mescolotto, founder and owner of Hospitality Construction Services, answers some questions about restaurant construction trends, the challenges of building them, and tells how his company differentiates itself in the busy hospitality sector. What restaurant design...

Government Buildings Slash Energy Use

From 2003 to 2012, the average energy intensity, or energy consumption per square foot, of government buildings decreased by 23%. The slide shows how it was done. About 14% of commercial buildings in the United States are owned by a government agency at federal, state, and local levels. Over the same period, the average energy intensity across all commercial buildings decreased by 12%.

CBECS data highlight some of the specific actions building owners can take to help meet building energy reduction goals or requirements, such as monitoring energy use and upgrading key equipment. Building automation systems that automatically control lighting and heating, cooling, and ventilation (HVAC) systems are present in about one in three government buildings, more than twice the rate as in nongovernment buildings.

Skanska Delivers First Major US P3 Months Ahead of Schedule

Skanska, leading a joint venture of Skanska, Kiewit Construction and Weeks Marine (SKW Constructors), announced that it reached substantial completion of the new Midtown Tunnel, a key element of the Elizabeth River Tunnels project between Norfolk and Portsmouth, VA, four months ahead of schedule.

The project is using a public private partnership (P3) model for the finance, development, design, construction, operation and maintenance of a new two-lane tunnel adjacent to the existing Midtown Tunnel under the Elizabeth River. The 3,800 foot-long underwater vehicle tunnel is one of the few immersed-tube tunnels in the U.S., and is comprised of eleven 16,000-ton concrete elements.

The tubes were fabricated at Sparrows Point, MD, and towed 220 nautical miles down the Chesapeake Bay to the project site in Portsmouth, VA. They were then immersed and positioned – one element at a time – in a dredged trench nearly 100 feet at the bottom of the Elizabeth River and then connected together through a series of locking mechanisms and seals.

GenFlex Introduces EPDM Solvent-Free Bonding Adhesive

GenFlex Roofing Systems introduces GenFlex EPDM Solvent-Free Bonding Adhesive. The innovative new adhesive offers single-sided, wet lay application for fast installation, with near-zero volatile organic compounds, and no odor. Contractors can mate the membrane with no need to wait for flash-off. No mixing is necessary. The adhesive also has a 50 percent greater coverage rate than competitors’ products, according to GenFlex.


Cancel the Loud

Traditional earplugs rely on absorption to lower sound, which rapidly meets its limit particularly with bass frequencies. ISOLATE® protectors reflect sound away from the ears and therefore achieve much greater sound reduction. And, they don’t let sound into the ear canal.

Custom designed memory foam tips, EARFOAMS®, dramatically reduce sound without muffling or distortion. Hear with increased detail and at safer listening levels. Protects your ears from loud noise that could damage your hearing. Construction workers will particularly appreciate the ability of ISOLATE® to block very low frequencies from entering their ears.

Traditional ear plugs and defenders do not block the lowest frequencies, creating a muffled sound which, as well as being unpleasant to listen to, leaves wearers feeling disconnected or even ‘underwater.’ Flare Audio is already respected in the live audio industry, with its products used by artists at festivals and concerts. Flare products are also installed at cinemas, including the renowned Olympic Studios in London.

ISOLATE®s current crowdfunding campaign offers a one-off chance to secure a pair at an introductory price of £23 for ISOLATE®, £46 for ISOLATE® PRO. Packages available. Ships worldwide.

Bring Your Projects to Life With Video

When you get your video assets from VideoBlocks you get a selection spanning thousands of videos shot in HD, SD and even 4K. Right now, you can also get a great deal on an unlimited downloads membership. There are hundreds of construction related videos to choose from and you can even get backgrounds for many uses.
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TrueLook Offers Turnkey Drone Photography Services

TrueLook released a new drone photography service available for all active customers, and became the first construction camera service to offer integrated drone photography. A qualified pilot captures HD photos and video of the client’s jobsite, and the media automatically appears in the customer’s TrueLook app. This provides a simple, cost-effective way to add aerial photography and videography to project documentation.

TrueLook has a nationwide network of drone operators who are insured and FAA approved to fly for commercial purposes. This eliminates the hurdles of FAA requirements, paperwork, and ever-changing guidelines for customers trying to legally operate their own drone or quadcopter. Each pilot is vetted for professionalism and bound by strict safety guidelines. The drone service will deliver high quality HD media. Pilots capture at least 20 aerial images in 4k resolution and deliver an edited 1080p video production. The media appears in the customer’s TrueLook photo albums within a day or two.

New Augmented Reality Option For Android

The NGRAIN Viewer for Android, a new app for Android tablets and smart glass devices, enables you to deploy industrial 3D content created with NGRAIN’s Producer Pro.

Organizations working with heavy equipment, assemblies, and other industrial assets in the field, can use the viewer to easily explore possible use cases for smart glasses and 3D content without having to develop mobile 3D apps. Since the Viewer for Android is open source, R&D teams and developers have a starting point to create and customize their own industrial applications.

NGRAIN partnered with Epson in delivering an optimized experience for the Epson® Moverio® BT-200 and BT-300 smart eyewear. Eric Mizufuka, product manager, New Ventures for Epson America said the NGRAIN viewer for Android dramatically lowers the cost of content creation while maintaining the quality of these high-end content experiences for AR glasses. The NGRAIN Viewer for Android is free for download via the NGRAIN Web site.

Ramtech Building Systems Starts Installing a Temporary Elementary School Campus

The relocatable modular school project includes 11 buildings to replace the Deweyville ISD’s elementary school that was lost to flooding in March. The buildings are sequenced to get finished quickly. The first building is an 8,064 square foot eight classroom, followed by a 6,272 square foot multipurpose facility which includes an administrative section for the elementary school staff and the district’s superintendent. The admin building will have nine offices, a reception area, four bathrooms, a large conference room, computer lab, and a library.

Drone World Expo

San Jose Convention Center

Tuesday, November 15 – Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Featuring dozens of educational sessions and case studies led by thought leaders, industry experts and end-users who will present real-world solutions like the one specifically for construction entitled: “On the Air: UAS for Live and Taped Production; Drones in Construction.”

Attend the Workshop entitled: “Multirotor sUAS Safety and Operational Familiarization for the Commercial Operator.”

“We are thrilled to welcome the MAPPS Fall Conference back to Drone World Expo and expand our show floor and conference sessions to offer more education and solutions focused for geospatial firms, especially during this pivotal time in the profession,”said Joelle Coretti, event director, Drone World Expo.