2016 construction products for April

This month’s new 2016 construction products include a staffing agency, a way to quote jobs right from your website, a book on using Chief Architect, a new way to view and markup drawings, and an offer of live video streaming from your job site. (Copyright: / 123RF Stock Photo)

Time, once again for a roundup of recent 2016 construction products announcements. Fill, or get a job, give out job quotes right on your website, get really good at using Chief Architect, see a new approach to viewing and marking up drawings and find out about free video streaming from TrueLook.

Fill, or Get a Job

Construction sure has its pains when it comes to staffing, but there’s always the chance you could find your needed employees at a staffing agency. A new one called, Construct Corps,  is offering help with temporary staffing as well as direct-to-hire. If you are a job seeker, the company claims to have many listings that might fit your needs as well.

Quote Jobs Direct from Your Website

MyServiceWhale is looking to modernize the outdated process in which contractors quote jobs. With MyServiceWhale’s patent-pending technology, contractors can install a widget onto their existing website that allows them to provide 100% real, accurate quotes to homeowners shopping for home improvement services. It might sound outlandish to you veterans in the home improvement industry, but it’s worth a look.

Master Chief Architect

As with all Chief Architect Step by Step Learning books, this is a must have book for the users of the great Chief Architect 3D residential design software that has taken over the home design industry. The book is loaded with concise explanations with a step-by-step tutorial, which will give the reader hands-on experience in developing a realistic home design project. A quick start chapter will quickly introduce you to the amazing and powerful capabilities of the Chief Architect software. If you’re new to Chief Architect, the tutorials will help you build your skills quickly. If you’re a Chief Architect veteran, the author’s in-depth explanations of the latest and most advanced features, including all the new wall layers dialog, will start you on the right path to becoming a Chief Architect pro. Whatever your experience level, and however you use Chief Architect, you will find this book to be a great desktop reference.

You can get a hardbound copy here, or, you can send an email to the author and get a PDF version.

Go Light on the Paper

PaperLight™ is a touch enabled projection display that connects to your computer so you can view full-size drawings digitally.

  • Conveniently make markups using your fingertips
  • Markups can be seen instantly by all team members
  • Eliminate the need to print out plans and shop drawings for viewing and markup
The 37” desk-top or table-top interactive PaperLight™ device empowers you to make markups and write on documents with a stylus pen. PaperLight™ will act as a peripheral display connected to the user’s laptop or desktop computer.

Watch the Video

Get Free Live Streaming from the Jobsite

TrueLook, a leading provider of camera systems for construction project monitoring and time-lapsing, announced today a new streaming video feature. Construction managers and their partners can now watch live video from their jobsite through TrueLook’s web app. The video stream is buffered and multi-cast, allowing it to play at a silky smooth frame rate for any number of viewers. As with all of TrueLook’s features, the live streaming video is included at no additional cost. The feature is now available for all new TrueLook customers as well as most current customers, depending on hardware compatibility.

Camera viewers can enable or disable the live stream with a single click. By default, TrueLook cameras provide live, high-definition, interactive images from their jobsites. When streaming video is enabled, the camera switches modes to show live activity from the project. This gives project managers the opportunity to see exactly what is happening on their jobsite at any moment.

Unlike many alternative “streaming” services, TrueLook’s video stream is buffered and multi-cast. Video is not served directly from the camera to the viewer, which would be quick to fail and unable to handle multiple users. TrueLook video is buffered and streamed from TrueLook servers that provide smooth frame rates to multiple viewers without losing quality.

All TrueLook cameras connect to the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE cellular network to transmit data. This allows TrueLook streaming video to offer high quality performance, while not sacrificing TrueLook’s famous turnkey installation. Customers do not have to run ethernet cables or troubleshoot their networks and firewall settings – TrueLook comes online automatically when you plug the camera in to a standard 110V power source.

Learn more about TrueLook’s live camera features.