This set of construction products announcements introduces products in the lighting, heating, decor, tools and online categories.

Customer Insights

Here’s something that might catch on from this group of new construction products announcements. It’s a site where contractors, businesses and professionals can review customers. That allows you to see what others have said about people you’re thinking about doing some work for. After all, customers have plenty of places online where they can talk about your performance, rate you, and ultimately affect your business. This B2B site requires a membership, but for a limited time you can join for free.

Check it out, right here.

Balloon Lights

Construction products announcements like these balloon lights are offering safer work sites.
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Just like natural daylight, these balloon lights improve visibility, are durable, flexible and non-glaring.(Courtesy Powermoon)

For all those times when you have to work late into the evening, or even throughout the night, lighting with balloon lights can greatly improve visibility and safety. Professional balloon lights diffuse light and cast it in perfect 360-degree circles. This allows light to remain bright enough to be comparable to daylight but without the glare or the blind spots.

POWERMOON work lights are bright but diffuse the light and get rid of all glare. The result is clear vision with plenty of light all around. No eye fatigue and perfect communication. No harsh shadows any more, no dark spots, no blind spots. Smooth light all around. They make them as robust as possible starting with the technology and materials,  (LED, Kevlar, Steel etc.) and not ending with the structural concepts such as the patented spring loaded open-close mechanism.

New Wall Art Options

Artis Wall fits into this set of construction products announcements for a new product that is making it quick and easy to completely transform living spaces without the headache of a long, expensive renovation. Made of planks of authentic, reclaimed wood, each Artis Wall plank comes with a simple, patent-pending installation method that requires absolutely no tools.

Artis Wall has the ability to transform living rooms, headboards, kitchens and more in about an hour. When you want to redecorate or are moving to a new home or apartment, Artis Wall can be removed, leaving little-to-no damage on the wall and reused.

Features of Artis Wall you want to know about:

  • Simple, patent-pending installation method
  • Removable and reusable
  • Lightweight, pre-sanded planks in various lengths
  • Reclaimed wood from old barns and buildings across America
  • Popular rustic-chic design

Additional information and images of Artis Wall can be found here.

NuHeat Now Nesting with Nest

The Nuheat SIGNATURE launched in 2014 and was the world’s first wifi thermostat for electric floor heating systems. Now, NuHeat’s SIGNATURE product integrates with Pentair’s Nest Learning Thermostat.

“The integration with Nest further advances the role of floor heating in whole home comfort,” said Wally Lo, Product Manager. “We continue to lead innovation in our category and are excited to be working with Nest.”

Through the integration, Nest’s combination of sensors, algorithms and machine learning prompts the Nuheat SIGNATURE program to react to home occupancy. Homeowners can enjoy both comfort and energy savings with their floor heat. Staying home? The floor heat will remain on keeping you comfortable. Leaving earlier or arriving later than expected? The floor heat will turn off to save energy.

All the features of The Works With Nest now work with any installed Nuheat SIGNATURE and does not require added hardware or software updates. The Nuheat SIGNATURE will continue to retail for $265.

Find out more, right here.

 Starlock Multi-Tool System

Bosch and Fein teamed up to create the new Starlock Multi-Tool System that gives you quick change blades with a color code system so you select the right blade for the job.  The color code includes white for all-purpose applications, including wood with nails; gray for wood and laminate applications; blue is for cutting metal and other tough materials; purple is for soft materials, including sealants, caulk and carpet; and brown is for grout removal and abrasive applications, including grinding and sanding.

Find out more, here.

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