If you’ve been wondering just how you were going to spread your construction business throughout the cloud with connections to key onsite IT infrastructure, and achieve iteroperability, the answer may be coming sooner than anticipated. The one-year-old  Open Data Center Alliance  is turning the collective heads of cloud vendors as it impresses upon them the need for interoperability.

The organization describes itself as:

global IT leaders developing a unified vision for long-term requirements for the cloud – particularly focused on secure cloud federation, automation of cloud infrastructure, common management, and transparency of cloud service delivery.

The alliance has 280 members including many familiar names such as BMW, Marriott, Hewlett Packard and CA Technologies. One of the recently announced initiatives brings together the ODCA and the  Distributed Management Task Force  to focus on interoperability and ease of use in reining in the most pressing issue hampering widespread cloud adoption these days — the need for a single view of all cloud resources. Here’s how the press release describes the anticipated advances.

The collaborative work of these organizations will initially foster transparent management of virtual machines regardless of virtual machine manager or data center location and is expected to create a simplified path to cloud workload migration. With virtual machine management estimated to represent 60% of the IT overhead of a physical server, simplified management across enterprise and public cloud implementations represents a major opportunity for increased operational efficiency.

A key aspect of the collaboration is to specify solutions for interoperable management of virtual machines regardless of data center location. So, your land-based enterprise systems will blend seamlessly and securely with your cloud efforts – someday soon, hopefully. Results from the collaboration are expected early in 2012.

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