Before punch list apps the world ran on paper. Punch lists got their names from the paper process. But today, punch list apps are taking the paper out of the process. And, that’s simplifying things a lot.

The automation that mobile devices are bringing to construction makes me wonder some times how we ever managed to get anything done with the old, paper-based systems. From tracking employee time to accessing project documents on the run, these tools, with their associated software applications, keep begging us to get more efficient – and offering the ways to do it too.

Believe me, I sympathize with anyone who has to deal with these interim and final project checkups on what’s been done, and how it’s been done. A number of years ago when I was actively managing construction projects I created an MS Word form and put it on my Palm Tungsten T3. As I went through the buildings I’d note the discrepancies, typing furiously with the stylus. If you’ve ever trid typing furiusly with a stylus you knw you end up wit sentences like this.

So then it was back to the office, synch, and clean it up. Next, create emails and send out the attachment to all concerned. Then, print up a copy to provide to everyone who would later ask me for a paper copy anyway. But all that would be a thing of the past if someone created a mobile application. And they have. Many of them. Like the one here, and the one here.

And, any full-throated construction management platform includes punch list apps. So, there’s no excuse. Get one, use it and tame the punch list process. If you want some history of the punch list, check it out right here.

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