I think there are an awful lot of advantages to the concept of thorough planning. So, if someone told me I had to build a house in three hours I’d ask how long I had to plan it.

Well, the answer in at least one case is- two years. That’s the time the people at 2 Hour House took to plan the construction of a 2,249 square foot house with the goal of building it in three hours. The house was actually completed in 2 hours, 52 minutes and 29 seconds.

Different descriptions of the event by 2 Hour House lists different numbers of people involved. One claims 400 while a recent one claims 800. Regardless, there were a lot of people there. It also isn’t clear why the name is 2 Hour House, when it was actually built in closer to three hours. Still, by any stretch of the imagination that is a very fast time to build a house, and build it to code. We’re not talking about an exterior application of painted OSB sufficing for both the inside and outside finish here. The time includes getting the occupancy permit.

Of course people have many questions as to how certain things were accomplished. For example, how do you get a slab to cure quickly enough so you can build on it within minutes? How do you get drywall mud to dry quickly enough to allow painting to take place within a few minutes?

The answer to the concrete question comes back to a quick cure formulation perfected by Transit Mix and in use today by Texas DOT to speed up highway repairs. In the case of the house slab there was 30 minutes allotted for it to cure enough to work on, but it was actually ready in 22.

But the whole exercise isn’t really about building a house. It’s about envisioning the outcome and then making tracks to it. 2 Hour House is a company that helps people build dreams, and sometimes accomplish what others call impossible. As one of the founders, Brian Conaway put it:

“Building a home to code in less than three hours resonated with everyone. We demonstrated that virtually anything can be done if you have the right people, smart processes, simple applications, imagination and an inspiring purpose.”

Here, here. Now, I wonder if it can be done in 2 hours.